What aesthetic principles need to be followed for packaging

What aesthetic principles need to be followed for packaging

  Packaging is an art of beautification that uses the laws of beauty in the first image of the way to take the initiative and is a re-creation of beauty. Of course, it is not any way of packaging can occur in the sense of beauty. Inappropriate packaging, not only can not receive the expected role of packaging, and even make things awkward. To make the packaging to achieve the purpose of beautification, it is necessary to comply with certain aesthetic guidelines.

  1. Harmony guidelines
  The beauty of the way characterized by harmony, the intention of the packaging is to reflect the beauty of the shape and reach the inner beauty and external beauty of the same. The use of color, lines, scale, the organic combination of pictures, the selection of packaging materials is an important factor in achieving a harmonious packaging; time and place are also important factors affecting the harmony. Harmonious packaging can give people a sense of “pre-eminence”, leaving a distinctive image.

  2. Consistent guidelines for content and approach
  ”If the skin does not exist, how will the hair be attached.” Packaging can not always be separated from the main content as a practical and aesthetic and independent existence, practicality and decoration are two important aspects of the packaging.

  Practicality is the content, decoration is the way. Good content should have a good way to support and reflect; good way must have good content as a condition and basis, good content and good way to reflect each other. Complement each other. Low-quality packaging and excessive packaging is a great damage to the content, which is not desirable.

  3. Chronological guidelines
  Affected by the socio-economic, political, cultural and customary factors in different prehistoric times, different eras have different aesthetic culture and aesthetic tendencies. Although different aesthetic individuals have different aesthetic norms and aesthetic differences, a society has popular and universal social aesthetic norms in a certain period of history. It is meaningless to talk about packaging in isolation from the specific aesthetic norms. In other words, the packaging should conform to the aesthetic tendency and aesthetic fashion of the society in a certain period of history.

  4. Ethnicity criteria
  Different nationalities have their own characteristic styles in aesthetic understanding because of differences in language, lifestyle, customs and cultural traditions. For example, the color, each nationality has different likes and dislikes. China often use a lot of red in the festive occasions to set the mood, while the Arab countries do not like the large area of red color; China’s ancient feudal rulers on the yellow special reverence, while the Islamic countries on the yellow characteristics of aversion, and so on, and so on, and so on. Packaging, should not ignore the tendency of each nation in the aesthetic habits.

  5. Scientific guidelines
  Packaging not only for practical and decorative services. But also to examine the scientific nature of certain. For example, in the living room decoration. Wooden decoration line and plaster decoration line is commonly used in interior decoration materials, but also have their own characteristics and advantages. Wooden decoration line because of the wood color, easy to match with other interior decoration materials and furniture, but also simple to create a friendly and natural decoration role. But because of the essence of the decorative line often have scars, splits and deformation, there are quality instability, simple deformation and other shortcomings. The plaster decoration line has good decoration effect and strong embodiment ability.

  The construction is simple, more importantly, the plaster decoration line has the characteristics of fire retardant. From the perspective of home fire prevention, the selection of gypsum decoration line is also more sensible and scientific.

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