Packaging printing factory to teach you how to judge the printing color contrast saturation

Packaging printing factory to teach you how to judge the printing color contrast saturation

Many of our customers and even the same industry will ask the question, that is, how to judge the printing color compared to saturation?

There is a strong relationship between the saturation of the color on the box and the smoothness, gloss and absorbency of the paper. From the paper making process is very simple to explain this point, for example, calendering treatment can improve the smoothness and gloss of the paper, together with reducing the amount of paper pores, and then reduce the absorption capacity of the paper. In addition, the pH value of the paper’s exterior is also a not negligible factor in the composition of the printed gloss, ph value is high, which is conducive to ink drying, so our packaging box manufacturers are conducive to improving the luster of printed materials.

This kind of printing paper has moderate thickness, no other printing paper smoothness, most of the appearance will have a matte effect, is also a better quality printing paper, used for printing album printing products is very suitable.

Abrasion testing machine is to imitate the specimen in the practice of transport, use the process may be subject to the effect of friction and research and development, in the abrasive paper and specimens placed on a certain standard load block, so that a certain friction between the two, by setting the speed of friction and friction times, the specimen for the specified requirements of friction, with the naked eye or reflective densitometer before and after the abrasion of the ink layer wear or color density condition, to get the specimen Abrasion resistance.

In the packaging box printing planning, this kind of contrast relationship is very obvious, and very common, the so-called these contrast, generally have the following aspects of contrast: namely, the use of color shades contrast, color printing factory color use of light contrast, color use of the point surface contrast, color use of simple contrast, color use of elegant contrast, color use of contrast contrast and so on.

The ideal printing process is in the “three flat” based on a thin ink layer through the effect of balanced printing pressure, so that the print to obtain a more uniform ink color. When the printing pressure is not enough or uneven, the lining body and the printing page there is poor contact, it is necessary to increase the amount of ink delivery to meet the visual effect of inking the page.

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