How packaging printers design high quality packaging boxes

How packaging printers design high quality packaging boxes

  How does a packaging printer plan a high quality packaging product? At least it is satisfied with the two major conditions, the first condition, with very professional packaging manufacturers and packaging planners. The second condition, packaging companies in the years of collection, packaged a set of fruitful planning norms, and strictly in accordance with its packaging planning, now I will take us to do some understanding of this packaging planning norms.
  The life of a commercial packaging is from the beginning of the order, then the planning, production, packaging products, shelves for sale, and then to use after the abandonment or recovery, in this long life cycle, planning is only a small part of it. Although can not decide whether the product can successfully reach the hands of consumers, but really affects the success rate of sales.

  1、Mall research and analysis

  Market research can be divided into two kinds, one is cyclical, extensive, one is temporary, targeted, in the detailed data research after the need for analysis.

  ①, the selling point of the product; ②, the estimated life cycle of the product; ③, how to establish the image of the product; ④, the purchase intention, consumer expectations and consumption status

  2、Planning concept and sketch

  At the beginning of the packaging planning concept, the primary need to clarify the scale of packaging planning, according to the characteristics of different products, the focus of the packaging concept is different.

  ①, visual embodiment; ②, structural changes; ③, the uniqueness of the container shape

  3、Planning effect and manufacturing

  Packaging planning is different from other flat class planning, although the planning is carried out on the packaging expansion chart, is the visual effect of the plane, while the product is three-dimensional.

  ①, three-dimensional effect; ②, model embodiment; ③, printing materials

  After the above introduction, we can see that the packaging enterprise packaging planning norms, roughly can be summarized as three points, one, research, understand the market. Second, the conception and sketch planning conducted. Third, to make the final effect. Packaging planning norms are these three points, as long as you can rigorously complete the preliminary work of packaging manufacturing, the completion of a good product packaging at all.

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