Packaging printers in the printing process of ink concentration is how to control the

Packaging printers in the printing process of ink concentration is how to control the

We are now a lot of printing is the choice of inkjet printing, but our packaging printing factory in order to ensure the quality of packaging boxes, the parameters of the printing ink must be more appropriate control, the following to Shenzhen packaging printing factory staff in the printing process how to control the concentration of ink as an example, to say that the control of ink concentration. Printing manipulation conditions are the following:

  1. With the role of buffer solution. The pH of the ink to be stable, some dyes will be deposited due to changes in pH.
  2. Viscosity manipulation (1 to 5cp). Micro-piezo inkjet system requires high viscosity, and bubble inkjet system requires low viscosity.
  3. Surface tension (30 ~ 60dyne/cm). Micro-piezo inkjet system on the surface tension requirements are low, bubble inkjet system on the surface tension requirements are high.
  4. The drying speed should be just right. Too fast to simply plug the inkjet head or broken ink, too slow to simply spread, so that the dot stacking severe.
  5. Preservation period. Ink from the factory and then to the end of customer use the fastest three months, usually one year, the general ink stored for a year shall be able to pass the 0.2μm screening program.

Printing process

The role of ink in the packaging printing process can lead to ink crusting of many factors, but it boils down to these categories: the ink in the dry oil content is too high; because of the temperature caused; because the ink and air contact for a long time.

In the printing of a color picture, how to manipulate the ink dispersion, so that the role of the face painting is very influential, the ink dispersion is not uniform, will lead to ink bar problems, printing plate dirty paste and flower plate, as well as the cylinder clutch pressure moment is not accurate, will cause the ink color uneven disadvantages occur, and even present the sheet before and after the ink color inconsistent phenomenon. The occurrence of such ills, light to give a sense of imperfect graphics, heavy is simple to occur in the role of graphic fragmentation.

Ink is a key element in the entire printing process. On the four-color overprinting of high mesh line live pieces, we must pay attention to the selection of ink.

Printing coated paper ink is different from ordinary ink, it mainly requires some of the following characteristics:

Good fineness, clear dots, delicate patterns; high gloss; bright, bright colors; low viscosity; no blocking, ink bar, graphics clean, fresh; high color content; rich colors, rich inside; good adhesion; anti-abrasion, no color loss; good leveling; uniform color, no bottom; fast drying; good stacking color effect, no dragging flowers; good overprinting; good compatibility between colors, natural color, harmony, rich layers.

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