Packaging printing lamination process principle, purpose, role and application

Packaging printing lamination process principle, purpose, role and application

The lamination process may be relatively unfamiliar to most people, but on our work in the packaging box printing factory is more than understandable. However, many of the packaging in our daily life are chosen to be laminated, because the lamination process has a very good waterproof, moisture-proof and increase the effect of the mechanical properties of the box. A simple way to determine whether a box uses the lamination process is to rip the box open a little to see the box exterior has a layer of plastic film, is the choice of lamination process.

The principle of lamination process

Lamination, also known as “lamination”, “plastic” or “after printing over plastic”. The line will be coated with adhesive plastic film and paper-based printed materials by heating, pressure, cooling and other processes, so that the printed materials covered with a layer of 0.012-0.020mm thick transparent plastic film, the formation of paper-plastic printing products in one post-press processing skills.

The purpose and effect of lamination process

1, through the lamination of packaging printed materials, because the printed surface of a thin and bright film, the product appearance more bright, bright, enhanced gloss.

2, can improve the strength of printed materials, stiffness, together with the effect of maintaining the screen, not easy to be scratched, more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, as well as waterproof, anti-fouling effect.

3, after the lamination of printed materials, tensile and moisture resistance has also been significantly strengthened, both to maintain the appearance of printed materials, but also to improve the service life.

4, after the lamination of printed materials to increase the concentration and brightness of the color, to a certain extent to make up for the print color is not full or spot color mix can not be accurate and other printing defects.

The use of lamination process

The application of lamination process is very wide, such as: digital product packaging boxes, maps, various cards, handbags, advertising sheets, books and exquisite album covers, cosmetics, fashionable consumer goods and car album, exquisite calendar, photos, etc..

In addition to the advantages we have described above, it also has its drawbacks, laminating process using plastic film, the processing process due to the use of chemical potions such as benzene solvent, it does not meet the concept of pollution-free health and environmental protection printing.

Printing paper by laminating for later, the paper is difficult to recover and use, and become a similar white plastic pollutants, therefore, from the point of view of environmental protection, laminating process is classified as non-environmental printing process skills.

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