Packaging printing enterprises to improve the core competitive ability

Packaging printing enterprises to improve the core competitive ability

 China's economy has entered a new stage of development, about five years the main consumer will change. Now the main consumer, there is a saying called "ama economy". Now there are a lot of "ama economy" phenomenon, for example, the prevalence of square dance, because now many older people are growing up in the collective life. They buy things to bring the habits of China's shopping malls voluminous consumption, this collective, they buy luxury goods do not mind expensive, and to the supermarket to buy things are too expensive. The next only child will become the main consumer, they need is personalized consumption, after 80 this consumer body up in the future, the situation will be different, they are not sensitive to price, and they will occur in the center of a generation of middle class, like Guo Guangchang. Things related to the middle class will have a relatively large market.

  In terms of equipment production industry, now our whole machine and the international advanced level of distance is relatively small, such as high-speed rail, large power generation equipment. From the beginning of 2008, China's car consumption has now surpassed that of the United States. And we have a large distance from the international advanced level is the control system, the key basic components. Once we pay attention to grasp the big, and on the more fragmented, small things focus on not. We are now developing China's production 2025, the future development of our must have a clear idea. We are now behind things, it is difficult to catch up, high-speed offset presses to surpass Heidelberg, senior cars to surpass the BMW, Penske is more difficult, and there are things such as new power cars, digital printing, there is a "bend to overtake" the possibility. Some of our products have now entered the forefront of the international. Just now we all talk about the macroeconomy, many companies have said that there is now economic downward pressure. Downward pressure can force the enterprise skills progress, now the cost of labor are rising, the need to digest through skills progress. Carton machinery has the opportunity, our skills to go up, to the point where we have the time. Eliminate a number of backward production capacity, will also give us the opportunity. Rectification of zombie enterprises, our private enterprises out of the cost is relatively small, enterprises out of the future, the land is still there, but also to carry out other industries. Not on the turn, which is in line with the economic rules. Our local government originally focused on what to do, 30 years later still stuck in this stage can not do what is not important, to do what level is very important. For example, cutting tools, general level of cutting tools and "Shuanglian" cutting tools, the same is a product, but people are high-level products. They have gone through several generations of efforts, research and grasp the central skills, Shuanglian knife material and other no different, the key is that they study the heat treatment curve, gradual experiments, careful analysis, and continuous optimization. The Japanese brand toilet cover can also do it to the extreme. In short, the general environment will change, and the product is not the cheaper the better, more and more users will not choose our products because of cheap. Your approach is more robust, constantly improving the quality of production and quality. It is not possible to live a comfortable life like yesterday. In the new normal, we must have a deep understanding, careful observation and in-depth thinking.

   On the production industry, we should both hold fast and be more innovative. I feel that some of your businesses are now close to success. There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a boss. Both have to earn money, the difference is that the entrepreneur is a sense of mission. We have to adhere to the mall orientation. Now, to explore the potential market demand. Steve Jobs was amazing, he carried out the Apple phone into a mobile terminal. The box of the Apple cell phone made by the hexagonal lid paper box forming machine not only considers environmental protection, but also gives people an artistic feeling. In the packaging and printing industry, some products over-packaging is also a problem. Regarding the management of VOC, many gravure printing will have problems, and some gravure printing enterprises may not survive. Its difficulty is our opportunity. Demand is created by demand. We have to fit the concept of environmental protection, but also to stand in the position of the user to consider the problem. Some of your companies have now proposed to private customization for users, the next step is to enter the process.

  To rely on the progress of skills, business forms of innovation. This thing is good to say that it is difficult to do. Skill innovation under the conditions of the mall economy should be satisfied together with three conditions: first, the skills to pass; second, the market demand; third, the price should be competitive. And some companies are faced with the situation: sold products are often not earning money, earning money products are often not sold. U.S. shale gas skills many people think is emerging overnight, in fact, not so. The United States has studied shale gas skills for forty years, but when the price of oil is cheaper, there will be people to buy your shale gas? As long as the day comes, there is a mall opportunity, you can only go up. Some of our comrades see the skills of innovation under the conditions of the mall economy as too simple. The "two bombs and one star" energy to learn, together with, we also need to see the development of "two bombs and one star" only need to satisfy a condition (skills to pass), the last two conditions do not exist, and now the skill innovation to meet the three conditions together.

  Let's not go too far in seeking localization. When the localization was proposed, in order to improve the production level through localization, at that time, we also lack of foreign exchange. Now, our policy is to make competitive products and improve the quality of production and quality. This is the case with the development of high-speed rail. Nationalization is the way to reduce the cost. We found a lot of enterprises in the service form of innovation on the brain, such as the development of long-distance monitoring system for product operating conditions, the number of wearing parts to facilitate after-sales inquiries.

  Entity entrepreneurs to combine with finance. Some products, if you choose the financial approach, can be more simple to enter the market. Printed cat network, hurricane network of these two e-commerce enterprises, are doing printing devices, are founded by about 30 different entrepreneurs together. After the operation of these enterprises, the supply and demand for printing devices to reduce the cost of information communication between the two sides. The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to develop the five major ideas, one of them: sharing. This is not casually mentioned, there is an international economic theory called sharing theory, proposed: idle resources to let people to use. Wenzhou many enterprises have now completed the initial stage of the original accumulation of entrepreneurship, the next step in the development of a higher seek. For example, there is no possibility to promote the joint, sharing between enterprises, in scientific research, especially the common skills level can open collaboration, in the development of overseas shopping malls can share some resources.

  What we want to call for is: enterprises should pay great attention to scientific research and planning; we should vigorously cultivate skilled workers who can grasp the operating skills of processing centers on the front line of production. It is not easy to find such people. Shanghai's production enterprises are now difficult to recruit graduates from Tsinghua and Peking University. Just now we talked about the problem of talent cultivation. According to my experience over the years, there are advantages and disadvantages to recruiting in the market and cultivating on your own. The central talent cultivation, professional talent mall recruitment approach is better. In the current situation, private enterprises to state-owned enterprises to find people is not a time? We have to train college graduates to operate the processing center. Technical school graduates, college graduates in the same position to do, three years from now there will be a distance between them. College graduates on linear motors, servo motors and other professional skills will be stronger, on the enterprise products to overseas shopping malls is also is also beneficial.

  Enterprises also do not blindly seek big. The size of the enterprise and the industry he is engaged in is linked. Some industries, as long as the enterprise is large not small; some industries, as long as the enterprise is small not large. For example, the car industry, small enterprises are difficult to survive; clothing industry, as long as small enterprises, no large enterprises. In the luxury goods industry, it is facing a small shopping mall, so it is carefully polished and happy to work in this small area. Some European entrepreneurs asked me this question: Why must the enterprise be big? It seems that we have been engaged in decades, but some issues are still not clear. We engage in business, to study: we are such a business, how much is the share of the market is more reasonable.

  The rules of each profession are different. the IT profession is Moore's theorem, about 18 months to update skills once; power equipment profession, is still the law of conservation of energy. There are three things we can do: improve the conversion power, reduce transport loss, and choose energy-saving skills. We provide packaging box planning services, supply product box printing, gift box printing, white cardboard box printing. 

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