What are the functions of packaging? Five Japanese packaging design pictures to share

What are the functions of packaging? Five Japanese packaging design pictures to share

A, the definition of packaging
China’s national standard GB/T4122.1-1996 rules, the definition of packaging is: “In order to maintain the product in the process of circulation, to facilitate storage and transportation, to promote the sale, according to a certain technical approach and the overall designation of the choice of containers, materials and accessories. Also refers to in order to achieve the above intention and the selection of containers, materials and accessories in the process of imposing a certain skill approach and other operational activities.” Other countries or arrangements have different expressions and understandings of the meaning of packaging, but the fundamental meaning is common, both to the packaging function and role as its core content, generally has twofold meaning.
① on the containers, materials and auxiliary items that contain the product, that is, the packaging.
② on the implementation of the skills activities such as containment and sealing, wrapping.

Second, what are the functions of packaging?
① to complete the product value and use value, and is a means to increase the value of the product.
② maintain the product, from the sun, wind, rain, dust infection and other natural elements of the attack, to avoid volatilization, leakage, dissolution, staining, collision, kneading, scattering and theft and other losses.
③To bring convenience to the flow link storage, transportation, transfer, marketing, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, shipping, receiving, transfer, sales counting, etc.
④ beautify the product, attract customers, and help promote.

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