Packaging gift box design – what is the meaning of production

Packaging gift box design – what is the meaning of production

   Although the history of packaging is relatively long, but now many people hold a view that packaging can be dispensable to belittle the packaging, they believe that as long as the product wrapped in it is good on the line. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of packaging, is the lack of necessary understanding of the important role of packaging. Packaging from a wide range of packaging can be divided into large packaging and small packaging, large packaging that is industrial packaging or transport packaging; small packaging that is commercial packaging or sales packaging, their specific role can be summarized as follows.

(1) protection function: a product from the production field into circulation, to go through storage, moving, transportation, loading and unloading and other links, is bound to go through a slight collision, vibration and other physical aspects of the process, and sometimes also by the temperature, environment, light and other chemical aspects of the factors. Therefore, the packaging must maximize the above factors for effective protection, especially glass, ceramics and other fragile products, as well as food and beverage and other perishable products, packaging is particularly important, it can be said that if there is no packaging for its escort, these products in the process of achieving corporate profits will be difficult to move forward.

(2) Promote the function of sales: products are produced for sales purposes, if the product does not sell, the packaging will lose its meaning, the development of enterprises will come to a dead end. Therefore, how to visualize and idealize the physiological and psychological needs of consumers for goods on the packaging, so that the goods become a symbol of consumer personality, to promote consumer love and ultimately promote the completion of consumer buying behavior, it has become an important function of packaging.

(3) to convey product information and promote the function of the product: packaging is the external reflection of the inner product. Product packaging in the process of protecting the product, decorating the product, with the help of some images, patterns, text, etc. to create a beautiful visual image to consumers, in different forms to show and promote the characteristics and functions of the product, to help consumers know the product, stimulate people’s visual sense, in order to win more shoppers and consumers, so that consumers can easily find the products they need.

(4) The function of improving the added value of the product: successful product design can have about 5% added value, while successful packaging design has 20% – 30% added value. Therefore, all successful enterprises are models that attach great importance to the role of packaging in creating added value. This is also true in real life. To ceramic products, for example, a person without packaging sculpture ceramics, selling price of 40 yuan, plus 5 yuan after the packaging, the selling price becomes 65 yuan, and sell well. This situation is more obvious in high-grade porcelain, especially gift porcelain, the proportion of this additional sometimes incredibly high.

   Of course, the importance of packaging is by no means only these four points, but this is the most basic function of the packaging, its other functions such as reflecting the identity, establish the image of the four based on the expansion up.

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