What are the standards and principles of packaging box manufacturers for making packaging boxes

What are the standards and principles of packaging box manufacturers for making packaging boxes

People in the first time to see you, will be because of the short time, there is not enough time to understand you in depth, so people will be based on your appearance to evaluate you as a person. By the same token, when people buy products, no one will intentionally stay to spend more time to understand your products on the supermarket shelves, unless you do a very attractive job, which is also our intention to do (packaging boxes). That’s the way it is, what are the norms and guidelines for our box manufacturers to manufacture boxes?

In our traditional culture, the meaning of sending different things is also different, and the requirements for the manufacturing of packaging boxes are naturally different, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival is mostly moon cakes, while the New Year is mostly New Year’s goods. The manufacturing of packaging boxes should be based on different production opportunities, different market demands and the strengths and weaknesses of enterprises to carry out scientific and effective positioning in the market.

Scientific market positioning is conducive to the progress of product market share, which is also true in the manufacturing of packaging boxes. We can make a clear positioning according to the needs of the market and our own advantages, and improve the relevance and professionalism of the box manufacturing, so as to meet the needs of the market and occupy the market in a short period of time.

For example, in the gift box, we can choose the ribbon color, gold and silver are the most beautiful colors; several double bows stacked on top of each other, then use gold or silver backing. As for the ribbon, we also need to cooperate with the color of the wrapping paper, and try to use the ribbon that is presented on the wrapping paper. Over the color, choose the same color system can also be. If the wrapping paper is purple, the ribbon can be used in purple and blue.

We need to try to shorten the production cycle of packaging boxes, then we need to do a good job is to carry out a series of production processes such as market research, planning, production preparation and formal production. But because we (packaging box manufacturers) box production is also its packaging specifications, we only need to strictly follow its specifications to carry out production work, can simplify the production process, together with saving raw materials and reduce labor costs.

The standardization of the packaging of packaging boxes facilitates the mechanization of continuous production, simplifies the specifications and models of packaging boxes, a packaging can be accustomed to a variety of needs, accustomed to large-scale industrial production, advances the labor production rate, reduces production costs, and also ensures quality.

Packaging boxes can effectively improve the level of packaging processing, packaging standardization requires the development of a series of technical specifications, work norms and processing norms, etc., which can promote enterprises around these specifications for planning, production, inspection and other processing activities, which is conducive to the progress of packaging processing.

Packaging box manufacturing norms and guidelines are these, the manufacturing of packaging boxes not only to follow these norms and guidelines, but also to meet people’s aesthetics, to have innovative and other hard requirements.

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