Packaging printing we commonly used in the printing of boxes of paper and the number of open what

Packaging printing we commonly used in the printing of boxes of paper and the number of open what

We often encounter such a problem, that is, our customer service or salesman in the reception of the need to do customised packaging boxes of customers, often asked about the paper. For example, the customer will ask what kind of paper is commonly used for printing in your printing house? What is the number of sheets? What are the similarities and differences between them, and what are the suitable applications for the printing of packaging boxes.

We are interested in the above questions about the paper and the number of openings below to briefly introduce.

First, coated paper

What we call coated paper is made of bleached wood pulp coated with a layer of white chemical raw materials, and then calendared. In the paper production process there is a single-sided coating and calendering and double-sided coating and calendering of two kinds, so our coated paper has single and double-sided points.

In addition, the calendering surface is divided into glossy and matt two kinds, in the industry referred to as light copper and powdered, that is, the printing society called “coated paper” and “powdered paper” points, in fact, they are coated paper. Copperplate paper is characterised by paper surface smoothness and high whiteness, uniform thickness and consistency, small expansion and contraction, the ability to restore strong, and relatively inexpensive.

Sub-powdered paper observed in daylight, compared with light copper paper, less reflective. Printed with it, although not as brightly coloured as coated paper, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, more high-end. Generally powdered paper will be thinner than the light copper paper and white, more ink, and more hard positive, unlike the light copper paper is very easy to deformation, feel the pages of the book is not flat book is definitely light copper paper. Only colour printing will be used to powdered paper, black and white, it is light copper paper or offset paper (i.e., recycled paper).

Usually we say 157, 185, etc. refers to the grams per square metre of coated paper, the market has 70-350g/m2 coated paper, customary 300g/m2 or more known as coated card.

Second, offset paper

Offset paper is made of bleached wood pulp in the surface of the original paper gluing and become, the ink absorption uniformity, paper surface smoothness, density and printing effect than coated paper is a little worse.

Third, speciality paper

Special paper, also known as fancy paper, made of different materials, belonging to the decorative paper, paper surface, some embossed, some after special treatment, due to the material and paper manufacturing process, special paper variety, colour is very rich, is some fashion avant-garde packaging, prints, books, albums in order to highlight the design effect of the paper is often used, but the price is generally higher than the ordinary paper, packaging and printing, we must pay special attention to the Colour reproduction problems.

In addition to this paper, there are letterpress paper, white cardboard, newsprint and so on.

Fourth, the number of open

Usually said that a few open is a positive degree of paper (787mm × 1092mm) or large degree of paper (889mm × 1194mm) a few equal parts. Standard uncut paper is called full open, folio is divided into two, four open is four equal parts, and so on. Most of the fast printing companies in the market choose to cut the paper in large degree.

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