What problems will result from too thick ink layer and insufficient UV power in the packaging printing process? And how to solve it?

What problems will result from too thick ink layer and insufficient UV power in the packaging printing process? And how to solve it?

What problems will be caused by too thick ink layer and lack of UV power in the packaging printing process? And how to deal with it? In the process of doing packaging printing we will encounter more or less many problems, such as printing ink is a problem we often encounter, the ink will affect the quality of our packaging box printing out, and the quality will affect the customer’s satisfaction and strength of our packaging box manufacturers.

One, the ink layer is too thick: in the large-area field printing process, because the ink volume is too large, the ink layer is too thick, the ink layer on the surface of the print in the drying process will present the surface layer completely dry and the bottom layer is not completely dry phenomenon, that is, the phenomenon of false dry. In addition to the ink layer is too thick, go too fast, UV light illumination time lack will also cause UV ink false dry phenomenon. Once the ink false dry phenomenon, in the post-processing process is easy to lead to the ink layer of the printed surface fall off. This is due to incomplete drying of the ink base layer and the substrate appearance of the combination of fastness is poor, making the ink layer in the role of friction is scraped and fall off.

Treatment: On the use of spot-color UV ink printing field work, ink distribution will try to match the color of spot-color UV ink with some darker, so that in the printing process can make the ink base layer completely dry through the method of deep ink thin printing, increase the fastness of its combination with the appearance of the substrate. Together, we must also ensure that the appropriate paper speed and sufficient UV light shining moment, if the paper speed is faster, we must improve the power of the UV lamp to ensure that the ink drying effect.

Second, the UV lamp power lack: UV lamp power lack is also one of the causes of UV ink drying failure, which is related to the daily production operation of enterprises, mainly in the following aspects:

We know that we use the UV lamp life expectancy is generally about 900 hours, when the use of the moment beyond the continued use of the impact on the quality of our printed products.

When we replace the new UV lamp to zero our use of timer, so as not to lead to the use of UV lamp has exceeded the use of life we do not know the phenomenon of the presentation. In addition, we must often clean the exterior of the UV lamp, after a long period of use UV lamp reflector is too dirty, the formation of UV lamp reflection energy loss. There is also the selection of a reasonable power UV lamp.

Treatment: In order to deal with and prevent the above situation, first of all, we packaging box manufacturers must establish a set of good and useful management system for the use of UV lamps, to ensure that the UV lamp in the useful life of the work, timely replacement of UV lamps have exceeded the life of the use of UV lamps, and the replacement of the UV lamp unit to pay attention to the use of UV lamps timer to zero; secondly, regular finishing UV lamp reflector, to reduce its reflective energy loss; furthermore, according to the structural characteristics of the equipment reasonable configuration of the UV lamp power.

To sum up the above two points, we can know that our packaging box manufacturers want to ensure the quality of printed products and efficiency in the printing process, we must be good at finding and dealing with the problems encountered in the work.

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