What are the types of paper commonly used in colour box packaging

What are the types of paper commonly used in colour box packaging

The development of modern packaging is very rapid, and the use of packaging materials is also extremely wide. From natural materials to artificial packaging materials, from a single material to synthetic materials, no matter which kind of material, the application of colour box packaging is very extensive. Generally speaking, the modern exquisite colour box packaging is generally selected paper packaging materials, it is the most widely used in the packaging industry, its processing is convenient, cost-effective, suitable for exquisite printing. And the planning of the colour box packaging material requirements are generally scientific, economic, practical as the basic principle.

Colour box packaging commonly used paper packaging materials can basically be divided into paper, cardboard, corrugated paper three categories. Today we are talking about the first paper varieties.

  1. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a kind of paper, the first to sulfate pulp copied from, with low cost, high strength, coarse fibre, good air permeability and other characteristics. Mostly used in the production of shopping bags, paper bags, food and small packaging paper, briefcases, etc., but also used as the production of corrugated paper surface surface paper.

  1. Bleached paper

Bleached paper is also a kind of packaging paper, selection of soft, hardwood mixed pulp, with sulphate or sulphate process. With high strength, white paper and precision, good lubricity, suitable for modern printing process. Often used as colour box wrapping paper, labels, bottle stickers, etc.

3.Wax paper

Wax paper is a combination of wax coating technology made of water-resistant, have a certain strength of the paper, mainly used for internal packaging, such as food, fruit, pastries, textiles and daily necessities of the barrier maintenance of packaging materials.

  1. Cellophane

Cellophane is a natural cellulose as the material of a packaging paper. Can be made into different varieties of paint, wax, coated cloth, etc., which is characterised by smooth appearance, good transparency, high density, strong tensile strength, small degree of expansion, suitable for printing, moisture resistance and good oil resistance, the primary food products used in colour box packaging.

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