What are the common printing faults summarized by the packaging printing factory

What are the common printing faults summarized by the packaging printing factory

Packaging box printing process and process is still relatively messy, the printing process involves machinery, materials, electronics and many other technical fields, production is also very messy printing problems, the reasons for the onset of the problem is often related to many factors, Shenzhen packaging printing factory summed up the following several, I hope that you are engaged in printing work help.

A, the paper powder, hair::

Shenzhen packaging box manufacturers said that the paper’s appearance of tiny fibers, paint particles off the phenomenon, called the paper off powder, hair. From the paper off the fibers, particles clogging the printing plate anilox, the formation of printed matter dirty, and make the printing plate’s resistance to decline. In order to avoid or slow down the paper powder, hair, should select the appearance of high strength paper printing; in the ink to participate in the withdrawal of adhesives, reduce the adhesion of the ink; in the ink to participate in the thinner or low viscosity ink transfer oil, reduce the viscosity of the ink; appropriate to reduce the printing pressure and printing speed.

Second, the ink overprint bad:

Ink can not be well attached to the first ink printed on top, or perhaps after a color of ink to take away the first ink printed, is the saturation of the print color decline, this phenomenon is called the ink overprint bad. This is a common fault of multi-color offset printing machine. In order to avoid poor ink overlay, in the multi-color offset press, the use of ink, adhesion and viscosity should be in accordance with the printing order in order to reduce the thickness of the ink layer on the printing plate is best in accordance with the printing order in order to increase.

Third, the overprint ban: the

Overprint ban refers to the image on the print sheet onset of longitudinal (along the direction of paper delivery), horizontal (straight with the direction of paper delivery) or partial presentation of the offset phenomenon, generally caused by the paper and printing machine. From the paper side to remove the overprint ban: check the cutting accuracy of the paper, so that it meets the specifications; hanging paper, eliminate bending, wavy, tight edge and other paper disease; using the same wisp of paper printing. From the printing machine to remove the overprinting ban: there are: adjust the block gauge, side block gauge to the correct position; adjust the position of the swing teeth; replace the worn gripper toothbrush; adjust the register printing organization, so that the parts move in harmony.

Fourth, the blank part of the print on the dirty:

Packaging box printing on the printed matter dirty refers to the blank part of the phenomenon of ink stains. The methods of removal are: adding the water supply of the printing plate; increase the acidity of the wetting solution, add the pressure of the water roller; hydrophilic treatment of the layout, etc. Lithographic printing, there are common problems with the back of the print scuffing dirty, flower plate. Solutions are: adjust the ink roller, so that the supply of ink evenly, the amount of ink on the appropriate.

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