What are the advantages of transparent packaging methods in packaging design

What are the advantages of transparent packaging methods in packaging design

 There are various packaging methods of product packaging, the primary comment in this article is the transparent packaging method. The transparent packaging method uses transparent packaging materials or the combination of transparent and non-transparent packaging materials to package the product, which can directly show the product to the consumers on the one hand, and on the other hand, can show the pride of the product, not afraid of consumers to see the real face of the product.

   Product packaging can use some auxiliary methods for its service, can play a role in highlighting the main body, rendering the atmosphere and then as the effect of the tiger. However, it should be borne in mind that the image of the main body of the auxiliary support, in the processing can not take over the main.

  Auxiliary methods are generally the following two: baking. The backdrop can make the subject more fully embodied. The image that plays a role can be figurative, but also can be generalized. For example, complete sets of toy packaging, the use of colorful shooting methods, the graphics of the set, fiercely underline the product (toy), as if a group of cute and amusing small animals, is playing happily in the forest flowers and plants, singing, the atmosphere dyed by the noise of the set, more people feel the animal small toys warm and moving.
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  Another example is the “wide band stereo headphones” packaging, the image as a backdrop is a generalized flat composition of the picture, as “stereo” is not directly reflected from the visual, so the generalized flat composition of the graphics to form a few shaped three-dimensional sense to express the “three-dimensional “This layer of meaning, coupled with the rippled concentric circles, and then the complete embodiment of the “stereo” mood, clarifying the function of the product, the main body, and beautify, decorate the picture.

  Auxiliary methods of another method for: comparison. This is a form of transformation of baking, can be called contrast, that is, the adoption of the method of never and baking (such as large and small, thick and thin, dense and sparse, thick and light, curved and straight, high and low, long and short, soft and hard, dry and wet, flat and scattered, bright and rough, color contrast, etc.) so that the subject is more intense in the contrast contrast. The contrast part can be figurative or generalized. For example, in the packaging of the “Lumi” series of cosmetics, a set of thin gray straight lines never and underline the name of the brand “Lumi” two large characters in writing, making it more calligraphic art of infection.

  The transparent packaging method in packaging planning can directly show the appearance of the actual product, so that customers can directly feel the sincerity of the product manufacturer in person. In the process of product packaging, the planner can use some auxiliary methods to serve its service, such as the two methods of highlighting and comparing. Reasonable use of these two methods will be able to better demonstrate the exquisite common features of the product.

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