Packaging carton design essence and structure

Packaging carton design essence and structure

Planning packaging carton, is a tedious process, based on the experience of a few planners can not be completed. We not only need the synthesis of the experience of the various planners, but also need to promote the work of these strict management procedures in an orderly manner; and ultimately to achieve the fastest and best planning products to customers.

Here on the demand:

First, the planning of the input and output conditions in writing (especially customer research to prevent a variety of input conditions to forget);

Second, the discussion of the most useful account of the various processes to explain the point of account process;

Third, convenient, simple handling procedures and so on. From the following chart we can see the general carton factory structure planning process.

  (Figure omitted) State listed the entire shaped Shanghai carton structure planning process, which is actually a very simple input to output process. Starting from the input, structure planning input conditions include these three aspects:

  First, the customer directly or through the communication thing to report orders;

  Second, the customer through the industry representatives to report orders;

  Third, the planning staff through the shopping mall research to obtain (which includes the arrangement of internal programs to obtain customer information research or the first two conditions can not meet the planning requirements and research).

  Regardless of the choice of that method of obtaining input conditions, at least require access to the following planning input content:

  1. The nature, shape and size of the contents;

  2. The weight of the contents;

  3. The method of displaying the contents;

  4, the method of delivery of the contents, stacking methods;

  5, the goods of the storage environment, transportation routes, delivery time;

  6, Customers want Shanghai carton box type and manufacturing materials;

  7, the customer’s requirements of the delivery time, etc;

  8, environmental protection requirements or relevant laws and regulations;

  9, Some other requirements of customers.

  To obtain the planning input conditions, try to use the written form method to obtain; if there are conditions, you can also use the packaging review method to obtain. In the customer’s research, the first thing to check to understand the customer’s products or other customers of similar products, product type, market areas, the value of the product, distribution and flow system and the product scale and packaging and so on.

In the research time to bring all the research used in a variety of things: such as pens, 3m tape measure, calculators, notebooks, research forms, etc.; only abundant, exhaustive preparations, may be able to obtain more, more accurate planning information, in order to plan a competitive carton products to meet the customer’s hopes and requirements.

  When confirming the conditions of various planning inputs to meet the planning, the need for analysis of these conditions categorized collation (transport and storage, handing over time, flow time, product characteristics (scale, weight and special requirements), acceptance criteria, box structure, drawings and color coding, etc.), the first to confirm the requirements of the planning of cardboard boxes focusing on the delivery of Shanghai cartons are still for sale type cartons:

  Sales-type packaging cartons belong to the field of commercial packaging, focusing on the appearance of the image of the carton, and in the planning of the need to consider the requirements of the printing process;

  Transportation type packaging carton is attributed to the field of industrial packaging, more needs to consider the carton of pressure, shock and so on. Because of its reuse more, but also need to take into account the power of the box, as well as the factory’s production power.

  When the confirmation of the requirements of the planning of transportation type carton or sale type carton, as well as the boundary between the two carton packaging; will be able to start the carton planning.

  However, a detailed conceptualization needs to be completed by the planning staff, which not only requires the structure of the planning staff to master the general knowledge and information in this area, but also need to have the ability to think spatially. According to the information collected from customer research, the box type and scale of Shanghai carton will be further confirmed. The selection of box type and scale will be based on the following conditions:

  First, according to the sale type carton or delivery type carton to confirm the carton box type (some customers have now rules of the carton structure).

  Second, to confirm the scale of packaging cartons:

  1, the characteristics of the contents (size, weight, center of gravity, arrangement and combination of methods, etc.);.

  2, confirm the inner scale of the carton;

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