Packaging design boutique definition of new trends

Packaging design boutique definition of new trends

You can easily find such a phenomenon: beautiful box packaging, bottles of fine liquor are mostly placed in the upper middle of the shelves, while the planning of simple light bottles of liquor are placed in the lower shelves. The price of boxed liquor is more than 100 yuan, and the price of light bottles of liquor is more than 30 yuan or less, with large differences. Baijiu delicate packaging seems to have become a dry stream.

In terms of positioning, light bottles of liquor mainly low-end and mass shopping malls, while boxed liquor is aimed at high-end shopping malls. The box, in the manufacturing process of liquor, occupies what position? Although the packaging of each wine is different, but the market price exceeds 150 yuan of liquor generally use craft packaging boxes, the cost of such boxes more than 10 yuan, not cheap. However, in fact, after drinking a bottle of wine, most citizens will throw the box away or sell it as scrap.

Wine bottle planning sophisticated, full of features, there are wine glass type, portrait type, animal type, etc.; packaging material categories rich, metal, glass, ceramic, crystal, composite materials, etc.; wine box volume is also increasingly swollen, gold inlaid jade, finely carved. The above, all show the wine enterprises in the packaging carving on the great intention. In fact, from the traditional consumption habits, consumers pay more attention to the appearance of wine, exquisite wine bottles with good boxes can bring ”eye effect”, so that consumers have the desire to buy.

The road of fine packaging machines

Following the sophistication of robot skills and the completion of industrialization, making the use of robots in the field of packaging engineering is becoming more and more extensive. Packaging robots are used in the packaging of clean products that cannot be touched by the human body, such as food, drugs, especially biological products and microbial agents and chemical materials that are harmful to the human body.

Robots into food packaging packaging robots are widely used in the food category, and it is also necessary. First of all, China’s packaging machinery to meet the needs of the rapid development of food, and actively participate in international competition, it is necessary to break the “small and scattered” professional situation, in the “high precision” direction to move forward. Industry insiders believe that the future of the packaging industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, in the development of skills toward the diversification of mechanical functions, standardization of structural planning, modular, intelligent control, structural high-precision development in several directions. Secondly, food products have tended to refinement and diversification direction, single kinds of high-volume products are becoming less and less, and multi kinds of small batch products increasingly become the mainstream.

In the changing trend of the general environment, diversification, with a variety of switching functions, can get used to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement packaging machine to get used to the needs of the market.

Refined and streamlined convergence

Most of the packaging products to change the style of excessive packaging, successful “slimming”.

In previous years, the prevalence of mahogany boxes, refined gift boxes disappeared, the planning style also changed the old big red, green and “earthy gold” color, more fashionable and fresh light yellow, light green color. In the packaging materials, companies more from the cost of expensive metal, high-density board to kraft paper, special paper, bamboo, light wood and other raw materials, and the combination of paper and bamboo, wood and other raw materials, become the prevailing idea of many packaging companies today.

The first sense of consumers to buy tea is the product packaging, delicate, environmentally friendly, overflowing with a sense of planning packaging is undoubtedly easier to obtain the love of consumers, which will often invariably improve the operational performance of tea packaging enterprises. Although still able to see the traditional plastic, suede boxes and other kinds of tea packaging, but the choice of bamboo, wood, kraft paper and other natural materials into the tea packaging is now visible, some stores will be placed as a staple in a prominent position.

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