The development path of packaging box printing

The development path of packaging box printing

The development of packaging box production path.

  Following the steady and rapid development of the national economy, China’s printing industry on the packaging box printing energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, green security requirements increasingly progressive, the development of high skill content, low-carbon environmental protection type of green printing is the inevitable choice of the printing industry, but also the printing industry from traditional industries to high-tech industrial change the urgent need. Promote the past pollution, energy consumption is more serious traditional printing industry to green, environmental protection, low-carbon direction of transformation and development, the development of low-carbon economy, strengthen environmental protection methods, the development of green printing has become the sustainable development of China’s packaging box printing industry must go through.

  Packaging box printing printing is China to complete the printing power from the printing power to the printing power of the necessary road. For a long time, China’s packaging box printing faced by the low degree of intensification, low-level repetitive construction of serious, regional unbalanced development, the lack of independent skills innovation, the overall low quality of practitioners level of opposition is not the bottom of the deal. The implementation of green printing, is to make full use of the “green” approach, with certain conditions of large and medium-sized environmentally friendly printing enterprises, to guide their skills through the upgrading of qualified, among the strong enterprises; and those serious pollution of backward printing enterprises, through the continuous expansion of green printing types will be screened out, so as to finally complete the printing industry The intention of structural adjustment, accelerate China’s printing power to the packaging box printing power step forward.

The implementation of green printing of packaging boxes is an important guarantee for China's printing industry to complete sustainable development and create a low-carbon economy. In recent years, green printing has increasingly become a new printing method used throughout the developed countries, environmentally friendly and health benefits have become a worldwide consensus in the printing industry. But a reality that can not be ignored is that, although China has gradually screened the lead row, lead printing process in recent years, completely away from the serious lead pollution, but there are still many printing enterprises are still using the traditional printing process, organic solvents and other materials in the printing process, such as waste gas, waste liquids and wastewater brought about by the pollution problem can not be underestimated. The implementation of green printing, can greatly help China's printing industry to complete the energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy policy, improve and advance the level of environmental protection of China's packaging box printing, fully embodies the concept of sustainable development.

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