Five reasons to choose UV printing process for packaging printing

Five reasons to choose UV printing process for packaging printing

We say in the packaging printing UV printing is in a printed on the pattern you want, and then in the printed pattern on top of a layer of oil, the primary purpose of doing so is to add product brightness, protect the appearance of the packaging box, add its hardness, wear resistance and corrosion, not easy to present scratches, add product brightness and artistic effect, protect the appearance of the product, etc..

UV printing is a kind of printing process through ultraviolet light condensation, curing ink, the need to contain photosensitizer oil and UV curing lamp with the completion of oil handling, UV ink was used to offset printing, screen, inkjet, pad printing and other processes.

So what advantages can we get from the UV process when we choose to do packaging box printing? Let’s talk about the five reasons for choosing UV printing process for packaging printing!

A, conducive to the progress of the product function

Our UV printing is suitable for most substrates, that is, good suitability. UV printing products dot clear, good order reproduction, bright ink color, high commonality of printing.

Together, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, so both the lining and the light oil layer, have strong adhesion, durability, as well as water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and other printing does not have the advantages and characteristics.

Second, to improve production power and economic efficiency

UV printing method chosen is through the light curing method of condensation, no heat source, no solvent, curing time is very short, the ordinary UV process can be achieved 400m / min line speed, greatly improving the production power.

UV oil printing and then UV varnishing continuous machine processing, the printed products obtained high gloss and the appearance of flat and average common. After the continuous machine varnishing, can make die-cutting, creasing, gluing and hot stamping and other packaging processes immediately completed, very conducive to the development of high-speed printing needs.

High speed means that you can reduce the cost of raw materials, products storage and capital pressure. Together with the UV curing energy consumption is very low, making the usual operating costs are also greatly reduced.

Third, in line with environmental requirements

UV printing of the entire national chemical system for the solvent-free system, that is, solvent-free formula, no VOC organic volatiles, not only to facilitate the health of printing personnel, but also in line with environmental requirements.

This is another important feature of the UV curing oil, UV ink curing solid content close to 100%, does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), that is, the curing process will not or little radiation of volatile organic compounds, will not form a more harmful environmental pollution.

Fourth, the ink adhesion is strong

UV ink in the chemical substances is through the cross-linking reaction constitutes a polymer three-dimensional mesh polymer, so the use of UV oil can make the lining of our boxes more solid, faster drying and cross-linking, so that the lining has a high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

We have many products to be used for direct mail boxes, our requirements for it is to be folded many times, and can again laser printing when the strong radiation, then we often use coated paper on UV, because such packaging to meet the wear-resistant needs.

Five, the degree of ink curing fast

UV ink will only condense as long as the exposure to ultraviolet light, even if the ink is stored in the ink hopper for a long time, its function can also remain stable and will not present the phenomenon of crusting on the ink roller. Once irradiated by ultraviolet light, the oil will be able to condense at the time of the capsule, and it only takes 1/10S to completely condense and attach to the appearance of the substrate.

Traditional heatset ink and sheet-fed offset oil, may require a few minutes or even a few days to fully condense, so the use of UV-curable ink printing live parts, short delivery time, comparable to flexographic printing, gravure printing, greatly improving the production power of printing.

It is worth mentioning that the current UV printing technology nozzle does not directly touch the printing material, making the printer applicable to more raw materials.

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