The application of three-dimensional printing process in packaging design

The application of three-dimensional printing process in packaging design

Stereographic printing technology has been developed for more than 100 years, especially with the continuous development of digital technology, stereographic printing technology continues to improve. The introduction of computer technology in the field of three-dimensional printing, the software platform of three-dimensional printing technology, technical research, three-dimensional printing theory and market expansion and many other aspects have been greatly developed and are now widely used in many areas of society. However, the application of three-dimensional printing technology in China is not extensive, mainly in the field of trademark anti-counterfeiting, commercial advertising and other applications. Stereoscopic printing technology is the pursuit of visual three-dimensional sense, mainly to make people have a sense of immersion, the three-dimensional printing process applied to packaging design is not only conducive to expanding the application of three-dimensional printing, but also has good market prospects.

1 The basic concept and characteristics of three-dimensional printing process

Stereoscopic printing is also known as 3D printing, generally refers to the main three-dimensional lenticular printing. This printing technology mainly simulates the optical principle that the spacing of the human eye can produce spatial differences, because the two human eyes will observe different images, the distance between the two eyes to form a certain angle, which will lead to visual differences, if the images observed by the two eyes are combined together, the human visual perception of the image will be transmitted to the brain, which will produce a three-dimensional and spatial sense. Specifically, mainly in the light-sensitive material to record different levels, different angles pixel, and then through the lenticular material composite, in the two-dimensional plane image to show three-dimensional effect. People do not need to borrow any other tools, direct observation with the eyes can be very clear observation of the wonderful three-dimensional picture. Compared to ordinary printing technology, three-dimensional printing process has the following characteristics.

(1) a strong sense of three-dimensional. Stereoscopic printing out of the image three-dimensional sense is very strong, the background feels deep into the painting, the foreground feels out of the painting, very dynamic, often can give a very strong visual impact, so that people feel lifelike, realistic and natural, high art appreciation value.

(2) the surface of the print will be covered with a layer of light fence plate (concave and convex column mirror-like), directly visible three-dimensional panoramic image.

(3) three-dimensional printing originals can be photographed scenery from, but also modeling design from, general ink printing with good heat resistance.

(4) set of color printing must be strictly according to the expected plan of production, to prevent paper stretching, resulting in overprinting errors.

2 packaging design in the application of three-dimensional printing process advantages

2.1 Anti-counterfeiting

Stereoscopic printing applied to packaging design has many advantages, one of the important advantages is anti-counterfeiting. Because the three-dimensional printing process is relatively complex, and often requires a lot of investment in special equipment, the technical content of the process is also relatively high, through the general printing equipment and photo scanning is difficult to copy the original product, consumers can also see the difference at a glance, so the three-dimensional printing process is better anti-counterfeiting function. The application of three-dimensional printing anti-counterfeiting packaging on the packaging boxes of cosmetics, tea, drugs, tobacco, wine and food is not only helpful to improve the visibility of the products and their value, but also helps enterprises to develop the market.

2.2 More innovative

Compared with the traditional flat printing process, three-dimensional printing has a better variation effect, and the three-dimensional dynamic design is often more able to attract the audience’s attention. In the current social context, people’s requirements for packaging design is increasingly personalized, and the unique expression of three-dimensional printing process to show more artistic effects, which can greatly improve the innovation of packaging design, increase the added value of the product, improve the grade of the product. For example, dynamic three-dimensional printing can show a lot of animation effects, and to convey a lot of information about the goods to people, animation can be shown in the form of one or several coherent action, can be the picture of different goods, but also a few changing scenes, this design is more innovative.

2.3 Increase product function

With the continuous development of social and economic development, the choice of consumer products on the market is increasing, and now consumers want to buy value-for-money products. The application of three-dimensional printing technology in packaging design should not only achieve product description and packaging functions, but also strive to develop other functions. For example, after removing the packaging items in the box, the box can be used as a pen holder, pen holder, three-dimensional photo frame and other decorative items, which can improve the use of the product function.

3 in the packaging design of the application of three-dimensional printing process of effective strategies

3.1 Establish brand awareness

In modern society, people’s brand awareness is very strong, and the brand will largely influence people’s purchasing behavior and lifestyle. In the process of daily shopping, people often habitually choose the brand products they are familiar with, and they will also recommend this brand to their friends and relatives around them. Therefore, the brand has an extremely important role in enhancing the competitiveness of the product market and is an important intangible asset of the enterprise. Product packaging design will affect the majority of consumers’ views and understanding of the brand, and many packaging designs even have a direct impact on the creation of the brand and its development. Therefore, in the product packaging design process, we must first understand the inner meaning of the brand and design the brand image of the product as a whole, which is conducive to the product appearance and product content to maintain coordination and consistency. Product packaging designers must recognize the power of the brand, and should use the power of packaging design to correctly guide the brand can develop in the expected direction.

3.2 Clearly position the brand

Reasonable positioning of the brand is the key to creating a brand image. The main purpose of brand positioning is to enable consumers to clearly identify brand characteristics, deeply recognize the core values of the brand, and develop products and package design products, including advertising design, closely around the brand positioning. For example, Shu Shu Jia is a brand whose signature is “anti-bacteria”, and the advertising and promotion of the brand has always been based on “anti-bacteria” as the entry point. We have been using “germ elimination” as the starting point for our brand advertising and promotion, and have been slowly implanting the concept of “germ elimination” into consumers’ minds through advertisements, so that they will remember the brand Shu Shuji.

3.3 Highlighting brand personality

The products and services produced by the brand are the key to the success of the brand. However, as the market competition continues to intensify, some hybrid models have slowly started to appear in the brand image construction. Generally speaking, brand image is a flat visual image, but product packaging design image can show the uniqueness of the brand connotation. Product packaging design must highlight its own unique personality to stand out among the many goods, and become the most impressive product brand for consumers. For the image of goods, packaging is a very important weapon, not only to beautify the package, but also to highlight the brand personality. The three-dimensional printing design can be mixed with some of the more unique packaging shape, which allows consumers to experience a richer connotation of the product. For example, Swiss triangle chocolate, in its external as well as structural use of part of the three-dimensional printing design, this three-dimensional packaging shape is often more able to attract the attention of consumers, so that the brand features more prominent, so that consumers can better and faster to remember the product image.

3.4 Further deepen the brand image

Deepening the brand image is mainly through the current brand to continue to develop new markets, so as to cater to the market different from the original brand image. For brand deepening, packaging design is a very important means. In the process of product development in new markets, product packaging design must continue to maintain the credibility and style of the previous goods, but it should not be completely copied from the original brand. Therefore, in the process of packaging design for brand deepening products, the interrelationship between the original brand and the deepening brand should be fully clarified and expressed in a more intuitive and powerful way on the basis of the original product image design strategy. Because three-dimensional printing products have novelty, interest and other characteristics, so it is very easy to attract the attention of customers, which is extremely important for the brand image deepening. In summary, three-dimensional printing process with its unique artistic charm in the product packaging design will have great application prospects, enterprises should learn more about some successful applications at home and abroad, summarize successful experience, according to the current state of China’s market development to determine the three-dimensional printing packaging design, give full play to the advantages of three-dimensional printing, improve the visibility of the packaging product brand, to attract more consumer attention.

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