Packaging color box manufacturers how to do a good job of color box printing

Packaging color box manufacturers how to do a good job of color box printing

  How to do a good job of packaging color box printing? This is the customer’s concern, but also many packaging box manufacturers to do a good job of the product necessary to do their duty, and after these products are done, see the need for inspection, then do a good job of a product printing needs how to do it? As an experienced packaging box manufacturer, Yingli printing today to introduce to you.

  Packaging color box printing manufacturers should start based on the characteristics of their own products, especially the need to first do a good job of the entire product planning, clear should understand the size of the packaging color box, packaging color box manufacturers should clearly grasp the entire product planning patterns and detailed styles, these things as well as the enterprise’s own planning team to complete, the same product packaging color box printing can also be completed through its own manufacturers.

  Generally speaking, the packaging color box manufacturers to carry out packaging color box printing, the need for the process have laminating, UV, hot stamping, laminating, die-cutting and so on. This is the need to consider several issues and directions for printing. It is also based on the use of packaging boxes, the value of the product to resolve.

  The duration of printing and manufacturing of packaging color box generally depends on the file, the number of printing and the post-production process. The general production cycle is about 5 working days, of course, if the quantity is relatively large or the printing process is more complicated, the working period may be extended appropriately.

  Packaging color box printing price manufacturers are generally based on the detailed customer needs, the detailed requirements and price and quantity of printing should be clear, to avoid the huge errors caused by generalized quotes.

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