Ways to avoid empty sheets in carton printing

Ways to avoid empty sheets in carton printing

Carton is a widely used packaging products, bear the important responsibility to accommodate, maintain the product, beautiful, but in the carton printing process, sometimes encounter the problem of printing empty sheets, affecting the production quality and power of cartons. So how can we prevent the carton printing empty sheet problem? Here we come together to understand.

1, perhaps because the paper brush is too low or too much into the pile of paper, and the formation of carton printing empty problem, in this case you can properly adjust the height of the paper brush and reach into the pile of paper interval.
2, if it is because of the nozzle blowing out the airflow can not be separated from the paper, or paper suction nozzle leakage and other reasons for the formation of empty sheets, can be adjusted by adjusting the adjustment screws on the separation cylinder, change the bottom of the paper suction nozzle viewpoints to be resolved.

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