Packaging printing how we go to improve the quality of our packaging box hot stamping

Packaging printing how we go to improve the quality of our packaging box hot stamping

In many cases, what we buy is no longer the product, but sometimes we buy the packaging outside the product. In the case that we do not have an early understanding of the product, we understand the product is the way it is packaged, our judgement is that its packaging are so beautiful, the product naturally will not be bad to go.

In most cases, our intuition is right, because our business will focus on the user experience and branding, will not use a high-end box to package a product of poor quality. If you do this will affect the product user experience, the results will lose the user’s trust and the shopping mall.

Good boxes can not be separated from the good printing process, we see the high-end boxes are not used in the exquisite printing process, generally that the box is used above a large number of printing processes. Then we will talk about how to improve the quality of our packaging printing hot stamping in the packaging printing?

First: select the appropriate substrate.

Can be used for hot stamping substrate is many, but we commonly used is still paper, such as: coated paper, whiteboard, white cardboard, fabric paper, offset paper and so on. But not all the paper stamping printing out the quality of the role can be very good, assuming that the appearance of rough, loose paper, such as booklet paper, poor offset paper, etc., because the aluminium electrochemical layer can not be well attached to its appearance, holding the metal luster can not be very well expressed, and even stamping can not be done, therefore, stamping of substrates should be selected texture dense, high degree of smoothness, high strength of the appearance of the paper! Therefore, the substrate should be made of dense paper with high smoothness and high strength in appearance, so that the process of hot stamping can be fully expressed.

Second: according to the different substrates to select the appropriate type of aluminium electrochemical.

Professional packaging printing we know, the structure of the aluminium carbide has five layers, namely: polyester film layer, falling layer, colour layer (protective layer), aluminium layer and adhesive layer. The type of aluminium electrochemical is still very much, the common ones are No.1, No.2, No.8, No.12, No.15 and so on. Here to the unfamiliar hot stamping partners popular knowledge of hot stamping, we said hot stamping is not that the colour is gold is called hot stamping, in addition to gold in the colour, we also have green, silver, blue, brown red, red, etc. dozens of kinds.

Selection of aluminium carbide not only need to select the appropriate colour, but also according to the different substrate selection of the corresponding type. Different types, its function and suitable for stamping material planning also makes a difference. Usually, paper products hot stamping with more than 8, because 8 aluminium carbide bonding force moderate, good gloss, more suitable for general printing paper or has been varnished paper, lacquer cloth hot stamping. Assuming that stamping on hard plastics should be selected from other corresponding types, such as No. 15 aluminium carbide.

However, we need to pay attention to is, the operation of this process is mostly good or bad all depends on the technician’s personal insight and feel to carry out severe screening, how to check the aluminium bakelite colour, brightness and trachoma. Good quality of electrified aluminium requires uniform colour, brightness after stamping, no trachoma. On the fastness and tightness of electrified aluminium can generally be rubbed by hand, or with transparent tape paper test sticking its surface layer to view.

Assuming that the aluminium carbide is not easy to fall, that the fastness, tightness is better, more suitable for hot stamping of fine text pictures, hot stamping is not easy to paste the plate; Assuming that quietly rubbing the aluminium carbide has fallen, it shows that its tightness is worse, can only be used for more sparse hot stamping of the text; also pay attention to the break of the aluminium carbide, the less the better the broken head.

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