The choice of colour box packaging material

The choice of colour box packaging material

Colour box as the first message to the recipient of the gift, the beautiful and appropriate or not directly related to the relationship between the two sides can be enhanced. Packaging colour box raw material selection is also a variety of, from paper, wood, plastic, leather and metal, each kind of raw material to bring a person’s feeling is not the same, paper is the most general, but can be processed at the level of the widest, leather look on the highest end, plastic is generally play a supporting role, and bamboo, grass and other natural materials are still less use.

About some high-end professions, such as red wine, will pick the natural wood with ancient temperament, reflecting the dignity and naturalness of Shenzhen, reflecting its unique high-end temperament, and even in the red wine box will sometimes add straw to accentuate the red wine bottle, so that people feel the natural and civilised atmosphere of the winery.

Paper box in the packaging box accounted for the most extensive proportion, according to the different levels of the colour box class, the choice of materials also varies greatly: 1, low-grade packaging box: a, selection of more than 350 grams of white cardboard printing laminating, die-cutting and shaping. b, a little higher level of selection of 300 grams of white cardboard laminating and pasting into a paper card and then printing, laminating, die-cutting and shaping. 2, medium-grade packaging box: print surface more than 250 grams -300 grams of dominant aluminium foil cardboard. 300 grams of aluminium foil cardboard and 300 grams of white paper to dominate the lamination of cardboard, printing and laminating and then die-cutting.

Packaging box raw materials selection is not only diverse, the same as the times change, the rapid changes in science and technology, so that many emerging packaging box raw materials such as mountains like endless, packaging box custom word for many professionals has long been unfamiliar.

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