Packaging design and brand value unification

Packaging design and brand value unification

“The article-brand is the most emphasized word in the field of sales and planning today, and companies all over the world have developed from a single form of product sales to the high-grade stage of brand marketing. The true value of a brand is also, as the American magazine Fortune pointed out in 1996: “The article-brand′s the Thing”.

The word “brand” is derived from the old Norwegian letter brandr, which means “to roast”. People used to use this method to name their poultry, and gradually it was developed to the symbolic craft work. But the origin of the brand logo in the real sense is in medieval Europe. On a worldwide scale, large-scale branding of products began in the mid-nineteenth century.

What is a “brand” is defined in the DICTIONARY OF MARKETING TERMS (1998) as follows: “A brand is a title, term, mark, logo or plan used to identify a product or service of a seller (or group of sellers) and its combination, and is used to distinguish a seller (or group of sellers) from competitors”. Since it is a combination, this combination must be strong, with vividness, richness and complexity of diverse consistent. Perfect consistency between packaging planning and consumer mindset.

From the practical point of view, the brand should be a concept in a sales discipline, the concept is the long-term use of the same products and services obtained by consumers, it has an extremely far-reaching, extensive inner. Once we touch some brand, naturally will produce a series of associations, such as its logo, the use of text, color mixing, product image, packaging planning, and even service, etc., its content is very rich: it represents the product is not a general product, it enhances the general product in the mind of the buyer “intangible value It enhances the “intangible value” of the product in the mind of the buyer. Because of this, brand is a useful marketing communication tool, it is the bridge between the construction of products and consumers. Brands often have a dominant purchasing decision, so the success of brand creation is related to the success or failure of product sales. In today’s rapid development of high technology, to ensure the quality of their products is no longer a problem, the technology content of the product has shortened the distance between the product and the product’s substance, while the product’s external product form packaging planning and manufacturing is increasingly important. Therefore, the strategy of creating brand marketing cannot be separated from the product packaging.

Product packaging planning and manufacturing is the first line of direct confrontation with the buyer. Consumers will not touch directly with the company itself, the product on the market is the real touch of consumers to the product, and want to buy products, and have to examine the existence of the packaging, so it can be seen that the packaging directly into the product image, together with the brand image of the specific, identification, packaging planning is almost a direct communication and launch of the brand image. Packaging planning mainly includes two major parts: shape (or structure) planning and visual planning. People’s feelings about external information, 80% is from the visual bear. Psychologists inform us: visual information in the cerebral cortex to recall the firmness and recall the strongest. To give the product a strong and representative brand recognition image, the main point of packaging planning should be the visual communication planning of the package.

The visual communication planning of the gift box includes the graphics, color mixing, logo and text planning on the package. The packaging planner should not only consider the impact of a single element on the product brand, but also consider the harmony and consistency of the overall product brand planning with the overall composition of all elements in the package. All of the packaging planning will be a new synonym for brand value, packaging planning and manufacturing should also be active and proactive to convey this concept, and should not just care about the external style of beautiful and ignore the internal link with the packaging and brand image.

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