Packaging boxes want to innovate so do

Packaging boxes want to innovate so do

Now many weddings, cigarettes from the 20-count box, put it in a small tray with red paper, wedding party organizers are often to buy a lot of a pack of cigarettes, and then split it into small paper boxes, and then a box of boxes to split the small cigarette boxes, a lot of trouble, such layers of boxes, but also the damage to nature. Tobacco manufacturers are not thought of, open the announcement of a wedding banquet on a special cigarette it? The cigarettes are packed in a festive red box, and 888 cigarettes are packed in a box, so that there is a festive atmosphere, and also in line with the Chinese people’s love of the number 8, which can be used for about twenty tables of weddings.

Now it can be said that the packaging of the box is not a single in order to beautiful, but also to expand its function ah! You think about the Sichuan squash they use the big altar, big basket these packaging words, now also in the domestic pickle store to sell; later changed to a small altar will be able to sell to Hong Kong; and he cut into blocks, slices, shredded squash into vacuum packaging, can be exported to the world. Packaging box material how to innovate, you have to think of freshness, quality, delivery and other functional improvements, the above go to think of, the product in the development of the market can have a new opportunity. Foreign countries have a kind of display paper frame, it deals with sunglasses manufacturers can be more easily sold in the supermarket, the face also dealt with the problem of theft, so that sunglasses manufacturers can be very assured that the product in the supermarket such a way to sell. The innovative packaging is the following points.

First, the integration of the product’s civilization elements, highlighting the product’s brand connotation

Product civilization is able to source, civilization is the most continuous vitality of the brand, the product’s civilization into your brand, the surface can be shown at the end of the sale, but this is to show the connotation of your brand, the progress of brand awareness of the very good way. So the civilization elements of your product into the box, so that your product also has a civilization heritage, so that the product can withstand the polishing of time.

Second, graphic planning, the wonderful use of color

Product packaging box graphic planning and color coordination is the consumer’s mind to obtain the “vanguard soldier”. Beautiful graphic planning, color harmony, beautiful product packaging is necessary to enter the eyes of consumers first.

Third, innovative packaging, to meet different uses

The function of the box is many, for example, maintenance, storage, transportation; marketing to attract attention; easy to buy to take with you; progress brand value, etc.. Planning outstanding packaging boxes can invent greater value in the sale, inventing more income and winnings for producers.

Fourth, to supply the necessary information to improve the quality of the brand

The core key point of product packaging in the depth of progress lies in that will be a brand name, related product civilization, graphics, text, color, material, shape and a series of active elements. It is very important to provide product information and functionality, and it is necessary that the box information and product information are common. The functional planning of the brand, the logo and other information reflect as much as possible the identity and differences of the brand.

Now, the role of product packaging is not just a simple portable function, good product packaging can maintain the attributes of the product, quickly identify the brand, convey the brand connotation, and improve the brand image. Likewise, text, graphics, color, etc. These software packages can play a promotional role, beautify the product and promote sales.

Taiwan fashion shoes shoe boxes are generally not in two pieces with flip-top seen, but also not a similar, but drawer type, both convenient for the store to show the advantages and adoption of shoes, and more useful, environmental protection, general shoe boxes you buy back after digging away, buy back this kind of shoe boxes, consumers generally do not throw away, because it is very useful, put these boxes stacked storage boxes, is a huge, when wearing shoes, no A shoe box upside down, just a quiet pull, you will be able to take out briefly, even if not a shoe box, but also as a storage box within the other items. This does not make women’s shoes buy shoes? I’ll take a look.

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