The application of packaging design in merchandising concept

The application of packaging design in merchandising concept

Packaging design in merchandising concept, packaging design, designer, design knowledge
A good packaging design can not only beautify the goods, but also attract consumers’ eyes in the first time, the design of product packaging is a thing that needs careful planning. So what do advertising designers need to pay attention to when doing product packaging design and how to have a good product packaging positioning? Here we will explore the following aspects.
First, the packaging design is first of all the crystallization of teamwork

A packaging design project requires the collaboration of more than one person to complete, need to communicate with the business, communication, need to work closely with those responsible for production and sales, and cooperate with each other. For major projects, it should also include the intervention of market researchers, consultants and other professionals. In short, a good design
design is the best embodiment of group collaboration.
Second, the packaging design is good or bad to market fit prevails
“Beauty” is not the only criterion for measuring excellent packaging, the high-grade material or not does not determine the taste of the design, the magnificent coat wrapped in some unsuitable goods, excessive promotion of the value of the packaging, often can not be recognized by consumers, the same, high-quality products, poor packaging is not likely to achieve the desired market effect. Only according to the different stages, different locations, different ages, levels of consumer groups, to make sales targeted packaging, is excellent packaging design.
Three packaging design is the art of positioning
For packaging design, finding the right design direction is more important than anything else. Customers do a design, often for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to launch a brand new product, sometimes it is to update the original product and improve its products, regardless of the motive of the design, a full understanding of consumer demand is essential, which requires the design team of this project, have a certain understanding of the market.

Fourth, packaging design is increasingly like a social science, it is a combination of reason and sensibility
Because of the increasing development of domestic packaging design, only by a person or its subjective consciousness, to determine its final form, is unlikely to produce a good packaging design. In reality, designers often tend to fall into a state of feeling good about themselves and find it difficult to extricate themselves, the essence of which is the same as customers who think their products are good at everything and want to show everything, there is no substantial difference. Through the accurate positioning of the target market, the accurate positioning of competitors, their own accurate positioning, the form of the packaging itself, color, state, shelf display, promotional publicity, etc. will be natural, rational determination down, the market objectives will be relatively easy to achieve.

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