Packaging industry in line with the trend to go green concept

Packaging industry in line with the trend to go green concept

Nowadays, the new concept of “greenism”, which is concerned with sustainable development, has emerged under the advocacy of governments and the efforts of civil organizations. Therefore, the requirements of saving natural resources, maintaining ecological environment and avoiding environmental pollution have become the new orientation of packaging planning in the 21st century.

In the face of the ever-changing types of products, different characteristics of use and different conditions of the product. The need to adopt different packaging ideas and methods and techniques. In terms of product types, there are not only food, medicine, cultural goods, fresh products, and artifacts and other endless types. In terms of product condition analysis, there are solid, powder, liquid, gas, paste and other kinds of different shapes of detailed items. In the packaging planning, first of all, according to the status and use of the packaging policy and other personality characteristics, as well as the requirements of the consumer policy and consumer environment for rational consideration of the packaging concept. Determine the adoption of the corresponding packaging methods and materials, and then carry out detailed conceptual ideas. And then put into the new packaging samples to complete the materialization of the entity. Any creative thinking out of the detailed packaging policy guidelines will become a source of water, no wood. Therefore, careful study and analysis of the individual characteristics and requirements of the packaging policy is an important part of packaging planning and conceptualization that cannot be taken lightly.

Our products are widely used in the packaging of moon cakes, tea, wine, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, high-end gifts and other products. We provide one-stop service from planning, planning to production. Our professional planning team, advanced production lines for wooden boxes, paper boxes and screen printing lines will meet your requirements for packaging boxes in terms of raw materials, structure, shape and artistic effects.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Your requests, suggestions and opinions will spur us to make continuous progress, and we will try our best to make every product better. We will win your trust and support with twelve points of integrity.

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