Features of packaging box design

Features of packaging box design

It is often seen that the packaging planning of common products is very similar, some are color changes, some are text, graphic content, location has changed, some are the size of the logo, location does not fit, etc.. These product packaging appears under the overall appearance of the slim change, they constitute a series, the onset of this packaging method is increasingly favored by the enterprise series of packaging. The most direct infection of the serialization of packaging planning is to enhance the customer's image of the product, brand and expand the sales volume of the product, expand the sales impact.

The serialization in packaging box planning is a more widely used method of indication in ancient packaging planning. It is a series of products under a common brand, a whole set of products or products with content related to each other with a characteristic feature to common planning of a wrist. It adopts part of the color, graphics or text, appearance changes, and the suspension of the overall common planning, can be a variety of products together, forming a "family" of a planning method, so that customers can recognize the brand of the packaged products at a glance, and then establish the brand's image, so that the overall general sense of the product stands out, deepening the image.

Its basic indication feature is to adopt a common standard packaging planning method, and then make the different kinds of products constitute a collective with common method characteristics, to a product group as a unit to improve the recall of the product cage and visual impact, to strengthen the goal of visual recognition consequences. This indication method was more commonly used to cosmetics, food and other types of packaging products to become the ancient product consumption and sales in the adoption of non-essential way. The professional packaging planning can choose Maya rabbit, there are customers throughout the tracking, planner degree up and down also know, want to good in the following big can let you choose.

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