What are the functional concepts of box making in packaging printing

What are the functional concepts of box making in packaging printing

The manufacture of our packaging boxes is very much about the clarity of the colour scheme, and it is very important to make boxes with outstanding visual recognition in our packaging printing. When it comes to visual recognition, there are two aspects to it, namely the eye-catching degree of the colour of the box and the contrast between the colours of the box.

As we all know, the accent colour is the main point of the total colour palette, and is a combination of area factor and visual recognition. Generally, it requires a higher brightness and uniformity than the surrounding colours to achieve an emphasis effect.

  1. Safety concept. Always ensure that the product and the customer’s safety is the basic starting point of packaging manufacturing, in the product packaging manufacturing, we also need to fully understand the characteristics and performance of the product to consider storage, transportation, exhibition, with and use of safety protection measures, detailed product analysis in detail. Until now, the materials that can be used for packaging are: metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, cardboard and so on.

But we also have to select the right packaging materials for the product according to the packaging requirements, to ensure that our packaging to play a shock, pressure, tensile, extrusion, abrasion resistance, and also pay attention to the product’s sun, moisture, corrosion, leakage, anti-flammability problems, to ensure the integrity of the product.

2、Promotion concept. Promoting product sales is one of the most important functional concepts in the manufacture of packaging boxes. Traditional products mainly rely on the salesman’s sales and introduction, and now the Internet e-commerce are after the product profile chart to introduce and promote our products to customers, no salesman face to face to introduce products to customers, this time we (packaging box printing) quality becomes very important.

Our packaging boxes should play the effect of silent advertising and silent salesman, so as to attract and increase customers’ desire to buy and reach the promotional effect.

3、Production concept. Our packaging box manufacturing not only needs to ensure the beauty of the shape, but also must consider the accuracy of manufacturing, fast, batch production, whether it can facilitate workers to quickly and accurately processing, molding, loading and sealing. In the packaging printing, should be based on the characteristics of the product, the use of value and consumer collective selection of appropriate packaging materials, and strive for the consistency of the way and content, and give full consideration to saving production and processing time, in order to speed up the circulation of products.

4, humanization concept. Our packaging box to adapt to the product storage, transportation, exhibition and marketing as well as customer carry and open. To this end, when manufacturing product packaging, we must make the box structure of reasonable proportions, cautious structure, exquisite shape, the main point of the outstanding box shape and raw material beauty, contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythmic beauty, and strive to reach the box structure function complete, exquisite appearance, and then adapt to production, sales and even use.

The common product packaging structure mainly has portable, hanging, open, open window, partial window packaging structure or a combination of several ways, etc.

5、Characteristic art concept. The unique packaging box not only meets the fundamental needs, it should also have its own characteristics and artistry. Such packaging not only has application value but also has ornamental and collection value, and can be distinguished from a lot of packaging, and then win the favor of customers.

6, the concept of environmental protection. In modern society, environmental awareness has become the consensus of most international regions. In the trend of ecological environmental protection, as long as the product packaging planning does not pollute the environment and does not harm human health may become the final choice of customers. Especially in food packaging, more attention should be paid to green packaging (greenpackage).

7, visual communication concept. The essence of visual communication is simple and clear, too much decorative content will only give customers visual interference, making it difficult to distinguish the theme of the packaging, not only affect the visual impact, and may also mislead customers’ thinking. This is why the expression of the content and concept on the box becomes very important.

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