What is laminating, what are the characteristics of laminating, how much do you know about it, the following laminating to briefly introduce its own characteristics and features, to facilitate our understanding. Lamination is generally paper or special paper glued to the Dutch board or cardboard. This can make the cardboard or Dutch board unchanging white look new.

①Six-fold lid and swing lid type carton.
They are in the box according to different graphic pressure has a cut line, can open the lid, can see the product, but also can see the box surface decoration graphics, text and trademarks, the advantage is that it is convenient to open, easy to take out the product and easy to display and publicity products.
② Windowed carton.
Windowed carton has a part of the window, the lid of the box transparent and multi-faceted transparent and other three ways. Generally used in conjunction with the transparent plastic sheet, the window part of the display of the product, easy for consumers to buy.
Portable Carton
Some products are packaged in a larger volume, to facilitate the customer with a carton with a handle, handle as far as possible to plan to be able to fold, so that it can facilitate the transport and does not take up too much area.
④Shaped carton.
Shaped cartons are mainly triangular, pentagonal, rhombus, hexagonal, octagonal, trapezoidal, cylindrical, semi-circular, book-style and other forms. The structure of this kind of carton is the packaging shape that emerges through the combination of arcs, straight line cuts and face replacements. The advantage of shaped carton is novel and beautiful.
⑤Special structure carton
It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton or to add an accessory, which can make the powder, granule, block or fluid products pour out and use. The carton structure can be diversified, in order to facilitate the use of consumers, according to the different uses of the product for the corresponding special planning.

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