“Primitive packaging” with natural materials

“Primitive packaging” with natural materials

  Selection of natural materials packaging called “original packaging” on the psychological condition of modern people, natural materials, materials, colours, will make people return to the natural feeling; coupled with some of the material smell refreshing, feel simple, warm, in the field of packaging planning more and more to be selected.

  For example, Thailand is still using banana leaves, bamboo tubes, bamboo leaves and other materials for food packaging. Due to the connection of geographical conditions, these materials are everywhere, fresh and convenient, and harmless to the human body. The common odour of banana leaves can also evoke a sense of nostalgia for Thais, which goes far beyond the role of packaging.

  Packaging planners should always consider the connection between packaging and daily customs, so that the packaging design is rich in emotional colours and the gifts of nature can better serve people.

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