What is included in the printing cost of packaging boxes

What is included in the printing cost of packaging boxes

Whether it is a product manufacturer or a box manufacturer, the price of the box has become the focal point for both of them. The price composition and accounting method of the box is the key to useful cooperation and mutual benefit between the product manufacturer and the box manufacturer. Although it is said that the price is becoming more and more transparent, but you dare to believe the price without a comprehensive understanding? Therefore, it is necessary to understand the composition of the cost of packaging boxes, and the following are a few ways of printing costs.

One, according to the printing process evaluation

We know that the printing of our packaging boxes is done through multiple processes, and the primary printing processes include planning, plate making, printing, and post-press processing. When evaluating these four costs (including related material costs, such as film costs and PS plate costs), we should add them up, plus the cost of printing materials required for printing live parts.

Second, according to the printing target evaluation

The first thing to do is to classify the work to be printed, and then according to the printing process to calculate the cost of each item, the cost of each printing target summary.

We often involve the following primary elements in the process of accounting for printing costs.

1, planning fees.

There are many customers who do not have planners and do not have the relevant documents to be printed well before they need to print, they will ask our packaging box manufacturers side planners based on customer requirements and product features for targeted planning, so a planning fee is generated. When accounting for the planning fee, there are single-piece accounting method and multi-piece accounting method, and paper boxes generally use single-piece accounting method.

2、Pre-printing cost.

Our packaging box printing is divided into pre-press and post-press. Our pre-press work includes picture scanning, plate assembly, film production, proofing and so on. Scanning to the size of the picture information (megabytes) as a unit of pricing, plate, film according to the size of the size (folio, quarto, etc.) charges, proofing according to the size and color charges. Customers bring their own CD or film, etc., should be deducted from the cost of the corresponding items, it is worth noting that our company to the customer proofing are free of charge, large samples of goods outside.

3、Information fee.

Regarding the packaging, the most important thing to consider is what kind of material the customer needs to choose for packaging. The packaging material can be said to constitute the primary cost factor of the box, so the precise control of the amount of material is the way to control the printing cost. The material cost in the printing process refers to the plate cost, substrate material cost, electrochemical aluminum cost, etc. The material cost is the product of the amount of material used and the unit price, so in the collection of the material cost, we must master the formula of accounting for the amount of material used.

4、Printing cost.

Many people do not understand what is the cost of printing, that is, printing processing costs, we know that the requirements are different, the price will be very different, different types and levels of printing equipment, different printers or printing process, the printing cost of the specification is different, color printing is generally priced according to the color order. When the printing quantity is small, it is accounted for by the start-up fee, because our packaging box manufacturers also want to ensure that they do not lose money.

5、Post-printing processing fee.

Our post-printing process is very important, the post-printing process is enough and good enough to determine the quality and level of the (packaging box). Although there are many kinds of post-press processing technology, but the accounting method is primarily based on the number of processed pieces or processing area for the unit of accounting. Varnish, lamination, hot stamping, etc. to the processing area billing.

6, other costs.

Such as packing fees, transportation fees, expediting fees, etc., this part of the cost is generally determined by customer demand, through the product manufacturers and packaging box manufacturers to negotiate to determine, more flexible.


Taxes that should be paid according to the rules of relevant tax laws, manufacturers who do export packaging boxes will know more about them, so we will not repeat them here.

According to our above depiction, we can briefly conclude that the printing cost of our packaging box contains matters and accounting scope.

Printing cost = planning cost + pre-press cost + material cost (including loss) + printing labor cost + post-press processing cost + other costs + tax

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