The new trend of packaging box design and production

The new trend of packaging box design and production

From the 1960s, the packaging box materials and packaging manufacturing machinery in the continuous development and evolution, so that the packaging box has become a modern carrier to promote the sale of all products become very seeking the effect of packaging planning, promoting the development of the packaging manufacturing industry. By the 70’s and 80’s, the concept of recycling packaging came into being, and the Japanese tea packaging box packaging planning and manufacturing industry was the first initiative of the “appropriate packaging” planning concept that packaging planning should be “light, thin, small”. This concept has gradually influenced the global packaging planning and manufacturing industry, until today when the selection of packaging manufacturing raw materials, the planning of suitable packaging scale, still become the policy sought by packaging planning.

After the 1990s, new technology development also led to the derivation of a new order in the market, following the increase in the circulation rate, the environmental load also increased. Environmental protection has become the focus of global attention, and the planning of packaging has also been clothed in the color of “environmentalism”. Europe’s packaging planning first put forward the “green environmentalism”, such as “green food”, “green packaging planning” the call is increasingly high. In order to try to prevent packaging boxes may bring negative effects on human beings, as well as save natural resources and reduce resource consumption, developed countries have drawn up guidelines for change, adopt the corresponding methods. Such as the requirement to reduce the amount of packaging materials (4R: Reduce); increase the amount of refilling of large containers (Refill); recovery and recycling (Recycle); energy regeneration (Recover). The occurrence of these corresponding guidelines has also guided the new trend of packaging planning and manufacturing in the future.

When mankind has entered the 21st century, the new trend of modern gift packaging box planning and manufacturing has pointed to the globalization of environmental guidelines, together with the increasing emphasis on functionality and rationality to the emphasis on emotional and human aspects. After the transformation from the industrialization period to the new information era, the lack of emotional communication will be an important issue. Therefore, packaging planning is not only to get used to the basic functionality, but also from the human mind and physiological comfort and coordination, and try to seek the balance and common of the human-machine-environmental system composed of people and things. Pay attention to the packaging structure, packaging color, text, graphics and its arrangement and other visual communication elements and consumer affinity, so that people get a sense of physiological comfort and mental pleasure, which is the inevitable trend of modern packaging planning.

Packaging manufacturing and planning and consumer mindset

Whether a product can have outstanding reputation and outstanding sales results are to pass the harsh test of the market. In the process of marketing activities in the market, packaging boxes assume an extremely important role, packaging planning and manufacturing of the unique image language to communicate with consumers, it can both promote the success of sales and can lead to loss. With the continuous development and perfection of mainland China’s shopping mall economy, consumers have gradually become more sophisticated and rational, and the characteristics of the “buyer’s market” have emerged, which has not only increased the difficulty of selling products, but also made packaging planning and manufacturing encounter new challenges, driving the packaging of product boxes to master The masses of the consumer mind needs, more scientific and rational, to a higher level of development direction.

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