Packaging printing how to solve the environmental problems of packaging

Packaging printing how to solve the environmental problems of packaging

As a professional box printer, our vision now is: how to make our packaging printing both recognized by the market and in line with environmental requirements?

Once a customer asked us to plan a box for him, and after we finished planning and handed it to the customer, the customer said: “Your planning has invariably created a lot of unnecessary waste.

Although the customer’s words were a bit incomprehensible to us for a while, they inadvertently reminded us of the box printing factory. We all need to consider this issue when doing packaging printing: the end user is our environment.

New requirements

Nowadays, with the development of the health industry and the health movement, people are not only paying more attention to all the ingredients in their products, but they are also more concerned about the environmental and social impact of the production, packaging and distribution of these products. Today, we are consuming more transparently in our days and this approach to consumption has changed certain professions.

The topics of sustainable packaging and going green are not just in some areas, but now touch many areas of our lives; for example, the products we buy, our travels and some of our personal practices are all being pursued and integrated into the environmental team.

Taking responsibility

Our society has initiated sustainable development, which will become the principle that we need to follow in the future development. What we need to consider now is to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly concept, both in terms of branding and planning institutions.

In branding, we should not just want our product packaging to be visible and shiny. We also need to keep in mind that in any case, the approach to enhancing luxury should be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We need solutions that will wow our customers without damaging the environment, and without paying a heavy environmental price for luxury decoration.

The following share a few personal recommendations:

First, less is more

There is a saying that the effective way to eliminate waste is to not invent it in the first place. In the FMCG industry, for example, this means using less material, while still meeting the basic requirements of packaging: protecting the product and conveying product information.

Second, the planning of good “waste”

Although our packaging will always be reduced to waste, the first thing to control the number of packaging, the next step is to select which environmentally friendly materials. We should try to select recyclable and easy biodegradable. Paper pulp box is a good white packaging materials.

Third, the selection of innovative materials

Of course it is important to take back the packaging, but in order to do a good job of taking back and processing, what we need to know more about the box printing factory is the whole supply chain of box production and circulation, that is, where the original material comes from, how it is made, and whether its processing is environmentally friendly. In order to reach these standards, many companies are looking for new materials and processes that have not been used in previous packaging.

Fourth, reuse, recovery or sharing

Sometimes we just make the product packaging into reusable packaging is not enough to meet the demand, especially the need for users must go to find reuse scenarios, perhaps she does not need another makeup bag or shopping bags, especially when the packaging is not environmentally friendly materials, we are undoubtedly just waste. At this point we have to consider is how to reach reuse, recovery and sharing.

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