Packaging Tips for Winning

Packaging Tips for Winning

Tip I: the same heart and mouth.

Is to establish a correct view of product packaging, both to avoid the “gold and jade in which the outside of its defeat,” the phenomenon of “gold and jade outside of its defeat,” the behaviour should be avoided. If you use the “embroidered pillow” type of approach to defraud customers, then in the end is “lifting a stone to stone their feet”. Please have the thinking of the businessman to remember the advice of marketing experts: “once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope”, on a when the customer, will not be on the second time when, together with the “cheated customers will be 11 acquaintances say bad things about the product; and satisfied customers will only be on the 3 people say good things about the product.”

Tip Ⅱ: expediency.

① Packaging should vary with the product’s own use. Famous French perfume industry has a famous saying: “planning sophisticated perfume bottle is the best salesman of perfume.” French perfume is divided into five types of fragrance, each fragrance of different perfumes, its packaging bottles have different shapes.

Such as a fragrance similar to the forest and wood men’s perfume, its packaging bottle is planned to be as thin as the shape of the tree, and with the nature of the thin strip of cardboard packaging can be reminiscent of wood panels; another called “Alpine” perfume, packaging bottle is planned to rotate to the sky. These special modelling, rich in association with the packaging, can naturally stimulate the customer’s desire to buy.

② packaging should be different with the different ways of selling. If your product is sold in the open-shelf supermarkets, chain shops, convenience stores sold by the customers themselves from the shelf selection, then the following two aspects should focus on product packaging: First, the packaging should be attractive, so that customers from the shelves next to the period of time can be attentive to it, and would like to take it down from the shelves to take a look at it; secondly, due to the unmanned sales, so the product manuals must be to let the customer to understand, see the Can be used, otherwise, customers do not understand how to use, which dare to buy?

③Packaging should be equal to the value of the product. That is, in accordance with the value of the product is divided into high, medium and low three grades of separate planning, the use of its value to match the packaging materials and packaging materials, in order to satisfy the needs of consumers of different levels of consumption. We initiated the appropriate product packaging, opposing over-packaging, opposing the small product packaging. Appropriate packaging can reflect the value of the product, the added value of the product will make great progress;

Technique Ⅲ: mental strategy.

Consumers have different preferences for product packaging, directly affecting their purchasing behaviour, overnight, but also constitute an inertia in the purchase of mind i Therefore, in the product packaging shape, volume, weight, colour, drawings, etc., should strive to match the characteristics of the consumer’s mind, to obtain the packaging and products in the mood of harmony, so that consumers in some kind of imagery to go to know the qualities of the product. For example, the packaging of women’s products should be soft and elegant, delicate and special, outstanding artistry and popularity.

Male products packaging should be tough and rugged, bold and unrestrained, outstanding practicality and scientific; children’s products packaging should be vivid image, colourful, outstanding fun and knowledge to induce children’s curiosity and desire for knowledge; youth products packaging should be beautiful and generous, novel and special, outstanding popularity and novelty to satisfy the young people to seek new ideas and different ideas; old age products packaging should be simple and solemn, safe and convenient, outstanding practicality and tradition. Practicality and tradition, try to satisfy the old people’s realistic mind and habitual mind.

Skill Ⅳ: clever use of colour.

In product packaging planning, the use of colour is very important, this is because different colours can cause people different visual reflection, thus causing different mental activities. For example, black, red, orange to give a person the feeling of heavy, green, blue to give a person the feeling of light, so bulky items adopt light-coloured packaging, will make people feel light, generous; light-weight items using heavy colour packaging, give a person the feeling of solemnity and robustness.

American colour research centre has made an experiment, the researchers will be good coffee separately loaded in red, yellow, green three-coloured coffee cups, let a dozen people taste comparison. The results of the taste of the common thought that the taste of coffee is different – green cups of coffee acid, red cups of coffee taste beautiful, yellow cups of coffee taste light. On the basis of the series of experiments, the experts concluded that the colour of the packaging can influence people’s views on the product.

Drugs are suitable for white-based text picture packaging, indicating clean, clean, reliable effect; cosmetics suitable for intermediate colours (such as beige, cream, pink, etc.) packaging, indicating elegant and beautiful, high quality; food is suitable for russet, yellow and orange packaging, indicating that the colour and flavour of the beautiful, sophisticated processing; alcohol is suitable for light-coloured packaging, indicating that the aroma is pure and thick, manufacturing sophisticated. In addition, it is necessary to point out that the colour of the packaging drawings to consider the different national preferences and taboos, especially into the international market should be more so.

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