Supply device for packing cartons

Supply device for packing cartons

  In modern packaging, packaging cartons are mainly used as outer packaging containers. Automatic carton operation, packaging cartons from the box equipment system to complete. Packaging carton structure and packaging cartons are similar, but the packaging carton structure scale is larger, the cardboard used is thicker, rigidity, sealing tongue structure in a variety of ways.

  Packaging cartons with cardboard (mostly corrugated cardboard) pre-made box, and then folded into cartons stacked piece, supply automatic carton loading machine. Therefore, the automatic carton loading machine in the supply of packaging cartons are: the carton stacking sheet from the storage rack, and then support the spread into a square column box, and then folded and sealed the bottom of the box, and ultimately sent to the carton table and other processes.

  Carton stacking piece of the supply of the same can be used to push the mechanical supply equipment or vacuum suction supply equipment f, which vacuum suction supply equipment has a mechanical structure is simple, compact, reliable, adaptable and other advantages, so it is widely used.

  Figure 4-59 shows a vacuum suction feeding carton stacking piece of supply equipment schematic diagram. Packaging carton boarding sheet 2 upright in the storage rack 1, storage rack 1 front exit end on both sides symmetrically equipped with two pairs of blocking claws 4, on the upper and lower beams are equipped with a roll pin 6, the carton stacking sheet 2 blocked in the storage rack 1. The roll pin 6 is mounted at the intersection of the small sealing tongue and the large sealing tongue of the first layer of the box sheet, blocking the large sealing tongue of the next layer of the box sheet of the carton stacking sheet. Carton stacked piece of storage rack 1 rear has to promote the carton stacked piece of forward moving into the propulsion equipment 3, can use heavy hammer, pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical drive propulsion and other propulsion equipment. The structure of the propulsion equipment should be simple, dexterous, reliable feeding.

  Vacuum suction nozzle 9 mounted on the four-rod mechanism 8, four-rod mechanism harnessed by the transmission equipment, can swing back and forth in the range of 90. Automatic rod to the left (i.e., clockwise) swing arrived at the limit position, the vacuum suction nozzle 9 and the storage rack on the first cardboard box stacked piece of the large side contact. At this moment, the vacuum suction nozzle 9 is connected to the vacuum, and the large side surface of the front piece of the cardboard box stacking sheet is tightly suctioned.

  Then, the automatic lever reverse swing, by the vacuum suction nozzle 9 sucked carton front piece of the large side surface with the movement, first make the carton benefit from the two sides of the closure sheet 2 to get rid of the constraints of the blocking claw 4 and the movement, but at the moment, the upper and lower rolling pin 6 is still blocking the pressure of the carton back piece of the large sealing tongue. In the four rod mechanism 8 automatic rod driven vacuum nozzle 9 continue to reverse swing, will promote the box surface to the back of the cardboard box piece of the large side as the reference, to its two sides of the crease as the axis of restriction and “plane movement”, and ultimately will be the cardboard box silkworms together piece thoroughly support the exhibition into a square column-shaped box, see Figure 4-60 shows. Figure 4-60 (a) shows for the vacuum nozzle suction carton front piece of the big side of the scene, Figure 4-60 (b) for the carton stacked piece is suction spread into the box when the scene.

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