What are the factors affecting the quotation in packaging printing

What are the factors affecting the quotation in packaging printing

Now, when we visit the mall, we will see a variety of products have a corresponding box, and most of them are tailored to the product, the box has gradually become a carrier used by merchants to promote their products, we are buying clothes also have their packaging, for example, we often buy shoes according to the shoe box on the parameters of the product information to understand the product’s raw materials, ingredients and the use of the The precautions to be taken in the use of the product, etc. Also through this information to judge the value of the product we buy, and judge the product is good or bad.

In this case, whether our packaging in place has become very important, our products in the box at this time can not only play a role in maintaining the effect of the product, but also has the effect of introducing the product to the customer and can play a role in promoting the corporate culture and image of the effect, so more customers choose to make a customised box for the product, in the selection of the printing collaborative enterprise will be more careful, so that they can let their packaging Printing production is smoother, and the quality of the box is also guaranteed.

In the selection of packaging box printing factory to do printing, our customers are still most concerned about the printing price of the box, in order to ensure that the quality of qualified and price is appropriate for us and our customers to collaborate on the conditions, of course, the customer is generally in order to reduce the cost of production will not be selected higher than the market price of too many printing companies to collaborate with, it will only increase their own cost of production and profit cuts.

We have also encountered this point, sometimes we give customers a quote after the customer is no longer with us to continue to understand, the main reason is that we still feel that the price is a little high. Customers want to know how much they want to print the box price, it must first need to fully understand the changes in the printing market, only the printing industry to meet the understanding of the people can judge whether our offer is appropriate, in addition to the elements that can be seen on the surface, there are many laymen do not know the elements, so we are a professional box printing plant to give you the price quoted is the most appropriate.

In general, we give you a quote are required to know the customer there on the box of raw materials, processes, quantities and other basic information to make a quote. When the above conditions are not the same, we give you the printing price is not the same; in the same quantity and the same raw materials, the process is not the same, the unit price of the box is not the same; so there is only one variable, that is, our printing price is followed by the variable to change.

So how much you need to print your boxes are based on your requirements to resolve, large orders, large quantities, complex process requirements, then the price will be relatively expensive, but the number of satisfied with the big words we also have price concessions, we will let the box printing factory.

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