How print speed, ink performance and paper quality affect ink color stability in packaging printing

How print speed, ink performance and paper quality affect ink color stability in packaging printing

There are many factors that affect the ink color stability in the printing work of the box, because printing is a comprehensive, complex and composed of multiple processes. Now let’s take a look at the printing speed, printing ink function and paper quality is how to affect the ink color stability!

First, the printing speed

Printing speed in packaging printing throughout the stability of ink color always, as a result of stable paper speed is the color to maintain the stability of the basic conditions. In the process of printing the paper is not smooth, improperly adjusted, playing empty and boring car a number of times, this situation will not only form the instability of the ink color, but also a large number of wasted printing paper.

There is also in the encounter of electrostatic large offset paper (generally 100g / m of the following paper), easy to present non-adjustment of the empty and go paper and other phenomena, then we need to adopt the treatment is to increase the humidity of the air, in the Fidelity to go to the paper above the static elimination of metal poles and other objects to eliminate paper static electricity.

Second, the ink function

We will be based on the quality of the print job to select different inks, we usually have three and three or more inks to supply our printing machine, the general quality requirements are not high will use relatively inexpensive inks, and high-end will use some expensive or imported inks. This requires that the printing machine owner has a satisfactory understanding of the printing requirements and printing inks, and according to different environments and requirements to select the ink.

Various inks have different functions, some inks dry quickly, some inks dry slowly, and in different climates, seasons, temperatures under the embodiment of the function is not the same. So we need to be based on the different manifestations of our captain of the ink, add additives or drying oil and other auxiliaries, or through the control of temperature and humidity to manipulate the viscosity of the ink.

Third, the quality of paper

The quality of paper in packaging printing determines the quality of the printed box, so it plays an important role in controlling the stability of printing ink color. If the box printing factory in the printing of poor quality, easy to lose paper, no matter how to manipulate, but also can not maintain the stability of the ink color. So we are reviewing the customer’s requirements for packaging materials we recommend that customers choose the right packaging requirements of the paper, in order to meet the printing requirements and expected printing effect.

The following is a brief introduction to eliminate some of the paper glitches.

1, with a little damp cloth to wipe the stack of good paper around, remove the paper edge perhaps due to the knife cutting knife blunt formation of paper hair.

2, add the right amount of additives to the ink, the ink will withdraw the light, so that its viscosity is reduced, so that the ink in the rubber blanket on the sticky paper hair situation will be better.

3, the number of live pieces of the situation to consider the inverse color sequence (without affecting the final color situation), the ink will be placed in front of the small amount of ink, ink color on the back of the color group, so that the paper in the first one or two groups of printing ink is small and has been laid a layer of shallow net condition, the phenomenon of the paper appearance of hair loss will be greatly improved.

4, reduce the pressure of printing, reasonable planning for the number of rubber blanket cleaning, each time after cleaning the rubber blanket, put more paper without having to (no printing side up) for trial printing, which will play a buffer role in the next ink color lighter printing process, so that the scrap rate down.

In addition to the above factors, there are many factors may affect the stability of the ink color, such as the machine manager for the number of live experience, the technical level of the bump, the ability to deal with the problem, etc., but as long as based on the different environments, different issues in time to make the right choice of operation, then you can easily manipulate the stability of the ink color of the printed materials.

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