The shift from luxury to simplicity in the packaging industry is coming closer and closer

The shift from luxury to simplicity in the packaging industry is coming closer and closer

The center put forward the “anti-four winds” requirements, the initiative to save wind, the country is actively implementing. From the current situation, the phenomenon of excessive product packaging has improved, especially since the introduction of the center’s eight rules this year, the space for luxury packaging products shrink, but still found some problems. Packaging layers, some enterprises intentionally increase the number of packaging layers, will be small paper boxes, plastic boxes, large paper boxes layer by layer set; packaging gap rate, a single enterprise intentionally make the initial packaging of large products, do small interior products, thus disguised in the case of product packaging volume remains unchanged excessive packaging, to the detriment of consumers.

This year’s National Day Golden Week shopping mall product over-packaging situation has not improved? Looking back at the past two festivals of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, many people still adhere to the fine about, many people visiting friends and relatives have already thrown away the luxury of former times and pick simple carton packaging gifts. In former times, because the packaging is too redundant, luxury, not only to form a waste of resources, but also increase the amount of waste, damage to the environment. Therefore, we should spread the simple packaging. Now, the confectionery stores are gradually using the most simple carton packaging, clothing stores will be directly into the clothing in plastic bags, or into the customer’s own bag. I think this trend will become a trend. Even the gift packaging is also launched to simplify the guidelines.

China is a big product country, product packaging is also very careful. In recent years, along with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in society, more attention to environmental protection in packaging, as far as possible to take back and reuse, expect simple packaging quickly in the domestic spread. Now the government also attaches great importance to the simplicity of packaging and environmental protection features, expect us to abandon the “good decency” and bring unnecessary luxury, leading to the new development of the packaging industry.

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