The concept of packaging

The concept of packaging

Packaging is now widespread, but do you understand what the specific concept of packaging is? Or what is called packaging? With the change of the times, packaging has become an important bridge between communication products and consumers, together with an important foreword to supply people with a variety of lifestyles. For a long time, packaging with tangible, rational and rational intertwined features, get the attention of consumers, and powerfully promote the sale of products and economic development.

What is packaging? China in the “General Terms of Packaging” national standard (GB4122-83) states: “In order to protect the product in the process of circulation, to facilitate storage and transportation, to promote sales, according to a certain technical approach and the choice of containers, materials and accessories, such as the overall designation. Also refers to the above-mentioned intention to achieve the selection of containers, materials and accessories in the process of imposing certain technical methods and other operational activities.

Packaging is a comprehensive science, packaging planning with a comprehensive and cross-sectional. It is not only related to the selection of materials, the structure of the container, packaging methods, as well as shape, graphics, color, text and other visual language of communication, in addition, also involves the printing process, molding process, consumer psychology, marketing, ergonomics, skills, aesthetics and other aspects of knowledge use, in order to be more scientific, more reasonable to get used to the characteristics of the product, to meet the laws of the market, to meet the needs of consumers.

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