The “oil-proof” paper bag in the heat released poisonous long-term consumption of fear of cancer

The “oil-proof” paper bag in the heat released poisonous long-term consumption of fear of cancer

   According to Taiwan media reports, after the plasticizer storm, Taiwan people use plastic products more careful, and even change to paper bags to use, but do you know? These waterproof oil-proof paper bags are also high-risk, experts say, like popcorn, fried things and other commonly used oil-proof paper bags, some will add perfluorocarbons, but when it comes to high temperatures, the release of perfluorinated pain, long-term consumption, research outside the island has now found that there is a cancer-causing crisis.

According to reports, shawarma, fried tofu, many snacks commonly found in night markets, will use oil-proof paper bags to distribute, if super waterproof, experts say can be beware that it is more toxic, and people who think paper cutlery is safe, pay attention, it also hidden mysteries.

Take the cooled convenience to microwave, many people will do, but look at the so-called paper made, how the appearance of lubrication like wrapped in a film, water beads sliding oil stains bright, you do not feel odd?

Lin Kou Chang Geng nephrology attending physician Yan Zonghai: “There is a membrane inside, some are edible wax some are PE film, directly put in the microwave oven heating, may exceed 50, 60 degrees, toxic substances may also be released.”

It is understood that these paper tableware in order to prevent water softening, most of the exterior will be used, PE film or beeswax ingredients, if put into the microwave oven high temperature heating more than 60 degrees, it may release long chain hydrocarbons, is a kind of oil than oil substances, easy to accumulate in the blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular disease.

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