The impact of food packaging materials in the packaging box

The impact of food packaging materials in the packaging box

Pollution caused by packaging printing of packaging boxes

Ink is the indispensable root material for packaging printing, and is also the primary source of food pollution. Traditional packaging printing inks are mainly resin-based and solvent-based, with these two types of ink for printing there are heavy metals, organic volatiles and solvent residues and other harmful substances.

Chemical packaging

Chemical processing food hazards of many chemicals into the human body can cause cancer. Such as fumigation with sulfur dioxide treatment of cauliflower, bamboo, preserves, sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard, into the body and water reactions, generating sulfite, it is a kind of oxidizing agent, will harm the human liver, kidneys, and carcinogenic effect on the human body. Excessive use of preservatives in food, such as many aromatic organic compounds, are carcinogenic. Professor Huang pointed out that these foods processed through chemicals are often not visible in appearance, people eat after the harm does not appear in the short term, but this is a cumulative effect, the accumulation of long days, will lead to genetic mutations in the body and cause cancer.

Beijing printing company metal packaging

The harmful effects of deep-fried food meat and food will be more or less certain heavy metal pollution, but the content is very small, the same pot of oil repeatedly used to fry these meat, food, invisible oil has become the "concentrator" of these heavy metal substances, so that dissolved in the oil more and more of these substances, these substances and into the post-fried food, and ultimately into the human body, and these substances. Finally into the body, and these substances contain many carcinogens.

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