Packaging printing factors affecting the drying speed of the box printing analysis

Packaging printing factors affecting the drying speed of the box printing analysis

Our printing box factory in the production of packaging boxes, each step of the printing process for our boxes are very important, the role of the box needs to be printed to complete its function, in order to get a better completion of its function, then we need to be given to the printing process, such as the box on the product description, LOGO, related brands, etc., which need to be presented to the customer are These needs to be presented to the customer are completed through the printing process.

But our box production process is a coherent action, each link is closely linked, each step will affect the quality of our boxes. We expect to shorten the production cycle of our boxes through a useful process, shorten our delivery cycle, and then save production costs; then we have to pay attention to a problem: how to control the drying speed of the box. We can neither too fast nor too slow, too fast and too slow will present quality problems, which requires us to carry out reasonable control, that we should be from what aspects to control the drying speed of the box?

First, excessive ink dilution

Printing box manufacturers to deal with: ink over-dilution is the cause of dilution agent (also known as withdrawal agent) to increase the excess. Because in the printing of brochures, some of the live demand for ink dilution, but it must be the right amount, once the increase is too much will lead to the printing of the package after the brochure paper ink drying speed is very slow, and then affect the delivery cycle.

Second, the proportion of drying agent contained within the ink is too high

Printing box manufacturer’s treatment: we will feel that this is not written wrong, no, no wrong, what things should be a degree, appropriate can be. The proportion of drying agent within the ink is too high, it will lead to ink coarse, which in turn makes the ctp version of the paste plate, printing dot extension deformation, printing with hair with spines, so it will lead to the brochure of the printed paper drying speed slower.

Third, the selection of ink varieties

Printing box manufacturer’s treatment: the selection of ink varieties, first and foremost: 1, the thinner fountain solution is not thicker fountain solution drying fast; 2, oil-based ink is not as fast as the drying speed of water-based ink; 3, the selection of organic pigments and inorganic pigments, organic pigments are not as fast as inorganic pigments printed brochures drying.

Fourth, the quality of paper

Printing box manufacturer’s treatment: affect the brochure printing dry paper quality problems, mainly from two aspects, 1, the fineness of the paper, the fineness of the paper is good, the first from the paper surface coating is good or bad, the coating is also known as the hanging pulp, so, coated paper drying speed to be better than offset paper; 2, the alkaline and acidic paper, alkaline paper drying speed to be better than acidic paper, such as white cardboard drying speed to be better than acidic paper. For example, the drying speed of white cardboard is better than kraft paper.

Fifth, printing finished brochure paper stacked too thick

Printing box manufacturer’s approach: printing finished pamphlet paper stacked too thick will lead to slow drying, but this problem is better dealt with, as long as the printed pamphlet bearing paper stacked a little bit thinner on the better, the larger the printing width to stack the thinner, four-boot printing live pieces to be printed than eight-boot printing live pieces stacked thin, the live pieces to the boot printing to be more thin.

Sixth, the impact of the printing workshop environment

Packaging box printing plant processing methods: the impact of the printing workshop environment comes from two aspects: temperature, humidity. The lower the temperature, the higher the humidity, the slower the drying speed of the ink of the brochure bearing paper. To deal with this problem, we need to install a professional constant temperature and humidity machine in the printing workshop.

In the highly competitive packaging industry, what we need is how to ensure the quality of printing, how to reduce the cost of printing, and innovation on this basis. We introduced the above points are also in the control of printing costs, improve the quality of printing, and constantly deal with the problems encountered in the printing process, and constantly looking for ways to deal with them; so that all aspects of the production process is well organised and standardised.

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