Packaging box manufacturers analyze the demand for flexible packaging and application trends of cosmetics

Packaging box manufacturers analyze the demand for flexible packaging and application trends of cosmetics

Flexible packaging can occupy a place in the cosmetics packaging market, primarily because of the following characteristics.

1、Saving cost. Flexible packaging materials are light, the material required for production is much smaller than the same volume of rigid packaging, reducing the cost of production. And the invalid volume within the flexible packaging is small, filled soft packaging practice occupies less volume than rigid packaging, the use of soft packaging to ship the same volume of the contents than the use of rigid packaging to save about 20% of the transportation costs.

2、Processing convenience, process variety.

3, colorful, diverse expressions, a good display effect.

4, light weight, convenient for consumers to use with.

Due to the above characteristics, flexible packaging began to be used in the cosmetics category for promotional experience, sheet mask and make up for the one-time use of the product. Bag-shaped promotional experience is very simple, greatly reducing the weight of luggage for near travelers, is also a good way to promote. Sheet masks use soft packaging not only to minimize the final volume, to ensure product safety and hygiene, and with sophisticated printing graphics, often allowing consumers to successfully shrink their money bags. Speaking of replacement, once bought a bottle of shampoo and its matching replacement readers should know - replacement can be much cheaper than the bottle.

Cosmetics on the functional needs of flexible packaging, and different cosmetics on the functional needs of flexible packaging is naturally different. As a cosmetic terminal enterprises, the need to consider the following aspects.

1、Printing quality
Cosmetics packaging requires fine printing, with outstanding visual aesthetics, so its printing quality testing is particularly important. At present, cosmetic packaging printing quality testing convention items include printing ink layer wear resistance (scratch resistance), ink adhesion fastness and color differentiation testing, in the testing process of flexible packaging products do not present ink loss, deinking and other phenomena that is qualified products.

2, and the compatibility of the contents
Cosmetic packaging and the contents of the compatibility is broadly defined as the interaction between flexible packaging and cosmetics, once the soft packaging materials in some components and cosmetics in some components of the chemical reaction, it will have a negative impact on cosmetics, and the outer packaging will also be in the reaction effect of a certain physical damage, such as cracking, deformation, discoloration, cracking, etc.. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct compatibility tests on flexible packaging to avoid unnecessary losses. Packaging box manufacturers

3、Easy to tear
Most of the cosmetic flexible packaging bags with wedge-shaped easy to tear, when consumers open the product, it is necessary to ensure that the opening process is smooth. Need to note that the tearing experiment, the clamping force supplied to the material is necessary large enough, so that the experiment will not present the material “slippage” phenomenon. However, consumers in practice when opening flexible packaging bags, if the size of the friction on the surface of the material and the size of the tearing force of the material is not good cooperation, the grip is not large enough in the case of “slippage” phenomenon, which leads to difficulties in opening is also common work. Therefore, in the packaging design, packaging designers need to consider these functions of flexible packaging materials in general, while carrying out a variety of grip conditions under the imitation of experiments, looking for the best solution.

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