Different box manufacturers produce gift boxes where the difference in price is reflected

Different box manufacturers produce gift boxes where the difference in price is reflected

 Why do different box manufacturers offer different prices, and sometimes the difference is not small? I would like to say, different manufacturers offer does have some differences, but the difference is a lot, then the quality is certainly not the same or perhaps misunderstood. We can understand the difference is reflected in which aspects?

1, box type. Different box types of layout is not the same, the amount of paper is not the same.

2, raw materials. The price of different raw materials is different, the price of different brands is also different, the price of different thickness is different, of course, the quality must be different. Hopfy Packaging’s requirements for materials have always been quality assurance, moderate price.

3, planning. Planning is a very important part of the planning is not only related to the printing, but also related to the appearance of the first impression. If you can understand the use of technology, to avoid some of the printing of the cumbersome, not only can be simple and generous high-grade, but also to save money. Generally we get the manuscript will put forward some ideas.

4, printing. Printing this not much to say, the more colour the higher the price, single-colour full-page printing and single-colour part of the printing price is not the same.

5, after the road. After the process is mainly process and punch, the process of dealing with hot stamping, UV, embossing, embossing, stringing, sticking the moulding, etc., different processes have different prices.

6, quality control. Quality inspection of the work is fine and miscellaneous, the gift box is more of a handmade, may be stained with grey, stained ink and other small problems, because we also do export products packaging boxes, so we have always been a high demand in this area, the choice of quality control is more stringent, and try to let the customer’s attrition rate to a lower rate.

7, packaging. Packaging products in many ways, the outside of the process box will be set film bag plus outer box; folding box will be wrapped around the film plus footboard or add a cardboard box; gift bags and paper cards will be counted, placed neatly, each separated set of film bags.

8, other elements are local advantages, quantity, the first collaboration or new products, etc., new products are related to many do not know the loss and delay, the back channel will also affect the progress of new products and other reasons, in the cost of waste will be relatively large.

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