What are the good effects of packaging standardization

What are the good effects of packaging standardization

  Packaging technology is a comprehensive discipline, which involves science and technology, art cultivation and financial trade in various fields. In addition, there are many varieties of products, the performance is also complex, the requirements are different, for different products should be the corresponding packaging. In the packaging planning should be scientific, economic, reliable and beautiful, so the following aspects must be considered:

  Packaging standardization is the packaging type, standard, production materials, structure, shape, etc. to give consistent provisions of the guidelines and technical measures. Packaging standards must be drawn up together in the development of product standards. Packaging standards must meet the requirements of ensuring quality and safety, taking into account the loading and unloading, transportation, storage and other decrees, pay attention to saving information.

  Packaging standardization, serialization can produce the following good effects:
  1. Reduce the sales price, give consumers a sense of security, health.
  2. Improve the role of sales, thereby accelerating the turnover of goods and funds.
  3. Reduce storage, loading and unloading, transportation costs, but also to reduce the rate of breakage in transit.
  4. Make packaging planning simpler, save materials, reduce packaging costs.

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