Packaging design must know the three elements

Packaging design must know the three elements

 In today’s globalized economy, packaging and commodities have become one. As a means to realize the value of goods and use value, packaging plays an extremely important role in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, and is an important subject that the business community and design have to pay attention to. The function of packaging is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate the use, facilitate transportation, and promote sales. Packaging as a comprehensive discipline, with the dual nature of the combination of goods and art.

  Must have the following five points: shelf impression, readability, appearance pattern, trademark impression, functional characteristics description. Packaging design means the selection of suitable packaging materials, the use of clever process means, for the packaging of goods for the container structure modeling and packaging beautification and decoration design. From the packaging design can be seen in the three major elements of the composition. Form elements form elements is the shape of the commodity packaging display surface, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are three kinds of forms that we see in daily life, namely natural forms, artificial forms and occasional forms. However, when we study the morphological composition of the product, we must find a kind of morphology applicable to any nature, that is, to extract the common regularity of things, called abstract morphology. We know that form composition is the form element, or call this form element, is a certain method, the law of the composition of a variety of a variety of forms.

  Form is composed of points, lines, surfaces and bodies of these elements. Packaging forms are mainly: cylindrical, rectangular, cone and various shapes and combinations of shapes and forms due to different cutting composition of the packaging form composition of novelty plays a very important role in the visual guidance of consumers, strange visual form can leave a deep print to consumers. Packaging designers must be familiar with the characteristics of the form elements themselves and their expression, and this as the material for the expression of formal beauty. When we consider the shape elements of packaging design, we must also recognize it from the perspective of the laws of formal beauty. According to the rules of formal beauty of packaging design combined with the characteristics of the product’s own function, the various factors will be combined organically and naturally, in order to obtain a perfect and unified design image.

  The formal beauty rules of packaging shape elements are mainly considered from the following 8 aspects: symmetry and balance, stability and lightness, contrast and harmony, repetition and echo, rhythm and rhyme, comparison and association, proportion and scale, unity and change. Composition elements composition is a complete picture of the trademark, graphics, text and combinations arranged together on the display surface of the commodity packaging. The combination of these four aspects constitutes the overall effect of packaging decoration. The use of trademark, graphics, text and color of commodity design composition elements is correct, appropriate and beautiful, it can be called an excellent design.

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