Packaging box manufacturers tell you how to maintain and care for printing equipment

Packaging box manufacturers tell you how to maintain and care for printing equipment

We have talked a lot about the many knowledge points in printing, but the protection and maintenance of equipment is rarely mentioned, today we will talk about how to protect and maintain the printing equipment of the packaging box manufacturers!

To ensure the normal operation of the printing machine, it plays an important role in improving the efficiency and profitability of the printing enterprise. And daily protection and maintenance is an important part of it, so, in the daily production process, how to protect and maintain it?

First, the printing team in the printing production process, to care, protect the equipment

In the printing production process, the operator should always pay attention to the condition of the equipment, inspection of the paper supply department, printing unit, folding part, electrical cabinet, water tank and compressor, bending plate punching machine, other auxiliary machines, such as whether there are abnormalities, once found abnormalities, should promptly stop, always find the cause, troubleshooting, the problem will be destroyed in the bud, to prevent greater losses.

Second, strict requirements for the daily protection of equipment maintenance work

1, every morning before the machine is turned on, to check the investigation of the printing equipment window, LCD screen and console whether there are abnormalities.

2, check whether the stopper on the ink hopper is pressed tight top dead, in order to prevent ink leakage during the printing process, resulting in the accumulation of ink on the side walls of the printing equipment.

3, in the production process, the cuffs of the operator’s clothes, the hem should be fastened, the operator should wear soft-soled sneakers, do not allow the accumulation of debris on the equipment pedal (such as ink buckets, oil pots, car wash water and so on), in the opening of the baffle machine cover should be lightly pulled and lightly placed, do not allow throwing things.

4, check the rubber cylinder, printing plate cylinder clean condition. In the morning before production, the plant is often relatively quiet, this time should be running equipment at low speed, check whether there is an abnormal sound, listen carefully to the air path of each printing unit, check whether the air tube is aging and cracking, cylinder leakage phenomenon. Packaging box

5 、 Every day in strict accordance with the operation manual for daily maintenance, to do carefully and meticulously, the refueling points, cleaning points to do meticulous, do not neglect maintenance because of production and perhaps perfunctory.

6, every day before the end of the day, to the equipment for a comprehensive cleaning, cleaning the ink and waterways of the rubber roller, plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, remove each printing unit of the ink hopper piece base, clean the shoulder iron, ink scraper.

Third, the cycle of protection and maintenance is essential

Equipment cycle protection and maintenance is divided into monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance. Cycle protection and maintenance projects should be strictly in accordance with the Gaussian operation manual carefully executed. The shift personnel should have endured strict training before going on the machine, the training content contains the oil eye of the equipment, refueling points, maintenance details and the maintenance content specified in the manual, and pass the assessment before going on the job.

Before each maintenance, the print shop supervisor should make the corresponding maintenance program. Take quarterly maintenance as an example, quarterly maintenance time is 2-3 days, in the maintenance, in addition to the requirements of the operation manual, but also on the usual work presented in the fault with the equipment section of the technical staff to deal with.

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