The harmonious relationship between packaging and gifts

The harmonious relationship between packaging and gifts

  When Japanese people give a gift to a friend, they usually do the following: in order to prove that the gift was purchased at a good shop, they often send it directly in the shop’s wrapping paper along with the gift. This habit, which has developed over the years, is also reflected in gift wrapping. If some products do not have a “gift” character, it is often difficult to open up sales.

  Gift packaging is, of course, for the preparations of the giver. Dabbing senders should be the first gift packaging to make some choices, because the gift of the play, the first to the recipient to feel, and hope to get each other’s goodwill, which is important.

  In contrast, a hand-shaped gift containers, the container’s most important feature is that it has a “sense of presence”. It can make people imagine that the skilled maker of the hand for this package tied with rubber strips, and then hand labelled with the text of the situation, and then give people a sense of intimacy.

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