How visual colour is used in packaging printing

How visual colour is used in packaging printing

For packaging printing, the colour on the print is one of the most important elements that affects the public’s vision and therefore the printing of the packaging colour is extremely important.

Confirming the total colour of the packaging

The overall feeling of the packaging colour is what determines whether your packaging is rich or rustic, and it all depends on the total colour of the packaging colour.

What kind of product needs what kind of packaging, what kind of colour needs to be used to decorate the packaging, and choosing the right colour to maximise the value of the product.

Directly based on the hue, brightness, purity a colour basic characteristics to specific embodiment.

Area elements

In addition to hue, brightness and purity, the size of the colour area is an important element that directly affects the colour. Colour with the primary consideration of large-area colour organization, large-area colour in the packaging display has a long-distance visual role.

Colour can influence our judgement of the box and affect the image of the box in people’s minds. In addition, when the contrast between the two colours is too strong, it is possible to reconcile them without changing the hue, purity or brightness, and to expand or reduce the area of one of the colours.


Visibility is about the clarity of the colour scheme. Outstanding visibility is very important in visual communication planning for packaging and advertising.

On the one hand it depends on the strikingness of the colours themselves and on the other hand on the contrast between them.

The principles and methods are described in detail in advertising planning and can be used for colour planning in packaging and decoration.

Accent colours

Accent colours are the main points of the total colour palette and are the colours that are considered in combination with area elements and visual recognition. Generally, it requires a higher degree of brightness and unity than the surrounding colours, and a smaller area than the surrounding colours, otherwise it will not play an important role.

Distance colours

The use of distance colour refers to the use of another colour in the centre of different colours that are in close proximity to each other and are in sharp contrast, such as distance or for common use, which can enhance harmony and weaken contrast.

The distance colour itself is neutral black, white, grey, gold and silver. If a coloured distance is chosen, the distance colour is required to be different from the colour being separated in terms of hue, lightness and purity.

Gradient colours

Gradation is the gradual change of colour, hue, lightness and purity can be changed gradually.

Gradient colours have a harmonious and rich colour effect and are used more often in the colour treatment of packaging.

Contrast colours

The colour contrast is different from the accent colour, it is a colour with a similar area and a contrasting shade of lightness, this colour has a strong visual effect and thus has an advertising character.

Logo colours

This is a conceptual use of colour that does not directly imitate the colour characteristics of the content, but is based on the common understanding of a wide range of consumers.

It is mainly used for the embodiment of certain energetic characteristics of the product or the embodiment of a certain trademark idea.

For example, the packaging of Chinese cigarettes uses the colour of the Chinese nation – red.

Logo colours

The logo colour here is not the colour of the trademark, but the colour of the packaging of a series of products of different kinds or of the same kind.

For example, different colours are used to differentiate the packaging of different components of the same brand of everyday chemicals. The area, shape and orientation should be varied in the treatment.

Secondary colours

This is the opposite of the colour, is the total colour or emphasis on the role of the auxiliary colour approach, to strengthen the colour level, to obtain a rich colour role. In the planning process, we should be careful not to take over the main, not blindly used.

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